“In Britain was considered a traitor”: the declassified documents of the intelligence officer, who worked for Stalin

The foreign intelligence service has declassified documents about the “legend of legends”, the most famous member of the famous “Cambridge five” – Kim Philby. All of them (originals, not copies) laid out on display in the Russian historical society, chaired by the head of the SVR Sergey Naryshkin.

Confidential reports to the Centre and Stalin from different parts of the world, diaries with entries about how he was questioned by the leadership of British intelligence MI-6. Still, there were two canonical version of the life of Philby, the Soviet and the British. And now people have the opportunity to learn the truth.

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In 1940, Philby was in the Secret intelligence service of great Britain, it soon became the Deputy chief of counterintelligence. During the war he was the head of the 9th division, engaged in the Soviet and Communist activities. Transferred to Moscow more than a thousand documents which helped to minimize our losses at the front and even change the course of the war. Was illegally smuggled into the USSR in 1963, it was, where he lived until his death.

The widow of the brilliant spy Rufina Ivanovna (he married her when he moved to permanent residence in the USSR in 1963) gave to the exhibition of any of the things a great husband. There is a whole home area is an exact reproduction of the interior of a Moscow apartment, in which almost 20 years have lived Philby. A favorite chair of a scout, a radio, a Cup painted with a bull’s-eye, from which he drank tea in the evenings, his glasses, pipe and tobacco even those times.

photo: Eva Markachev
Personal belongings.

photo: Eva Markachev

-Intelligence people do not come by chance, – says the head of the SVR Sergey Naryshkin. Is initially, those who have special intellectual abilities. And Philby did — a great citizen of the world. He made history and was able to do much to her course changed in favor of goodness and justice.

“From January to December 1949, CI (code-named Philby — Ed.) was sent to 75 documents at 185 pages, – I quote it from declassified reports, entitled “implementation of the materials obtained from the London mails”. The most valuable of them — the report of the British General Clark about the status of the Turkish armed forces, materials on technical and topographical description of bridges and tunnels Turkey, reported on plans of British intelligence for the casting in the USSR…”

In Britain he was considered a traitor and in General the biggest failure in the history of British intelligence – says one of the veterans of the KGB, who knew Philby. For us, it was a particularly valuable agent. But he thought that all that makes for peace on earth. Intelligence is a game, and Philby was one of the best players in its history.

photo: Eva Markachev
Sergei Naryshkin and the widow Philby.

Documentary recording of one of the stories Philby. He said that when he was suspected, then questioned for a long time. He used his stutter in order to buy time for the right answers. And even though MI6 had suspected it, the real evidence of his double game and was not. This is because Philby was a genius. He has counted all the moves ahead, had a unique memory, he knew how to “cheat” gestures and glances. While the centre received another report:

“Sov. Secret. Comrade Stalin.

Resident KEY in London reported that the intelligence agencies of the US and Britain have jointly developed a plan of subversive operations against Albania, called “Valuable”. It involves the casting in Albania subversive postranecky groups..”

He thought the most valuable of their reports of those in which it was reported about the plans of the blow of the Wehrmacht at Kursk. It was his “Swan song”.

photo: Eva Markachev
One of the declassified documents.

The awards, which received Philby for his work, he of course appreciated. But most of all he loved simple gifts. That’s a cigar, presented to the scout by Fidel Castro, but a hockey puck that Philby (he was an avid fan!) caught with your own hands, here is a photo with the players, that’s a dagger which he presented to the scouts from Hungary… In all these simple things myself Philby. Wife carefully saved all of it, including even those of foreign Newspapers, which he read at the dacha outside Moscow.

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