In Moscow announced the mass “mining” business centers and stations

Here in Moscow came the wave of mass “mining” of objects, which had previously covered the Russian regions. After reports of bombs on objects of mass congestion of people and buildings administration in Bryansk, Yakutsk, Tomsk and other cities, there is evidence that anonymous has “mined” a number of business centers in the Russian capital and stations. If you believe the published record one of the calls received to one of the organizations of Nizhniy Novgorod, the anonymous caller has Ukrainian accent.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“Telephone terrorists” have left an anonymous message about “mining” of some objects in Moscow. It is reported by Telegram channel Mash.

The report said that law enforcement officers were forced to run in the shopping center “City” “City” on highway of Enthusiasts, shopping center “metropolis” on the Leningrad highway, TC “Afimoll city” and “Capitol”.

In addition anonymous said, and the threat of explosion at the Kazan and Kiev railway stations.

Became aware of the contents recording messages about the mining, which received one of the organizations in Nizhny Novgorod. A voice with a Ukrainian accent says:”Listen to me carefully, from your care affects the lives of visitors. Do you understand me? The building is equipped with an explosive device, evacuate people, call the bomb squad. This is not a drill. Do you understand me? The time has gone, I warned you”. Judging from this tape, the message was pre-recorded and creates the illusion of a “living conversation”: in fact a person makes a planned pause on the words “understand me?” as if waiting for an answer, but the reaction of the interlocutor do not pay any attention. Also, the words “a device” are universal, and can be absolutely any object. So that mass mailing “phone spam” is confirmed.

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On Wednesday at once in several Russian cities the police had to check the information about the bomb scare. After the mass evacuation of shopping centers in Bryansk criminal case. The bomb was searched for in the city of Saratov and of the administration of Tomsk.

In Blagoveshchensk and Yakutsk anonymous “mined” airports. Came the message on a mining of two dozen objects in Abakan. in Yakutsk was not confirmed

From a dozen institutions of Khabarovsk because of reports about the bomb were evacuated. More than ten calls about a mining arrived in the emergency services of Irkutsk

All of these messages were not confirmed.

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