In Moscow the Director of the Foundation shot lover out of jealousy

Out of jealousy shot and killed his girlfriend, the Director of the charity Fund of medical and social programmes “Stop” the 40-year-old Artem esse. He dealt with the unfortunate in broad daylight in front of her colleagues.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, 14.15 male taxi pulled up to the salon on the street Kolomna, where he worked for 32-year-old Elena. She just went out with colleagues for lunch and stood on the sidewalk. Villain lover shot seven times in the back. First, the other women didn’t even understand what happened. They heard clapping, and only a few seconds later realized that when they shot the man.

Artyom did not think to escape. He sat down next to the bleeding favorite and waited for the arrival of the guards. Them the man said that before he had quarreled with his girlfriend, was jealous of her. To the lady no one got jealous and decided to put her down. The weapon — a pistol with filed off numbers, according to esse, he appeared by accident. Allegedly forgot his passenger, whom he picked up. Artem also had a traumatic gun, knife, pepper gas spray.

According to the suspect, with Helen, they began to meet in 2015. Got acquainted in the General company for a long time lived together, he even planned the birth of their child (Elena 11-year-old son from his first marriage, Artem – 13 year old daughter, whom he raised alone as her mother died). Then essay went to Ukraine, where he participated in the fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And after returning, decided to resume the relationship with Elena. But, according to esse, the woman suddenly told him that things were over between them. Moreover, confessed to treason, in which he suspected her for a while. According to Artem, he was taken out of a TEXT that Elena shared with his girlfriend.

– Very bright soul and a wonderful person — said “MK” Elena’s friends. And Artem, they have always been very complicated relationship. He is very jealous of her. Elena wanted to leave him because of the constant jealousy and quarrelling.

By the way, the woman handbag after the murder even found a statement to police in which she writes that a former boyfriend beat her constantly, and asked to take action.

About Artem esse knows that as head of the charity Fund of medical and social programmes and a representative of the public movement “Patient control”, he has performed on radio and on the Internet, fighting for the rights of patients with HIV and AIDS. Also relevant for the organizations of the essay was the problem of domestic violence, large families and vulnerable categories of citizens.

The investigation is on control in office of public Prosecutor of the southern district.

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