“In St. Louis the second night of protests ended with arrests

On the streets people dissatisfied with the verdict, which acquitted a white police officer who shot black suspect

The consequences of a night of unrest in St Luisetto: Reuters

– New American protests in St. Louis ended with massive clashes and arrests, the Associated Press reports.

People took to the streets to protest against a court decision that acquitted a white police officer for the murder of a black male.

As noted by the AP, a small group of protesters refused to obey the police and started to break Windows and throw objects at law enforcement. Skirmishes occurred near Washington University in St Louis – the area is known for its many concert venues, where every year are the world stars.

On Saturday 16 September in St. Louis was to speak of the Irish rock band U2, but the band cancelled the concert because of security reasons.

On Friday 15 September, a court acquitted former police officer Jason Stockley in the case of the shooting which resulted in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. Stockley tried to stop Smith on suspicion of drug trafficking, but he refused to obey police and tried to escape by car. Ex-police officer insisted that he had reason to believe that Smith was armed and dangerous.

The verdict led to mass protests. People took to the streets on Friday during the riots have been arrested at least 35 people and 11 policemen were injured, and five required hospitalization.

Action continued the next day, and on Saturday evening, the organizers urged protesters to disperse and go back to the demonstration on Sunday, but several dozen people refused to do so. Then the police ordered them to disperse, but they again obeyed and began to smash the nearby buildings and attacked the officers.

As noted by the AP, several participants skirmishes handcuffed, arrested at least nine people.

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