In the courtyard of the exhibition hall “the Ark” appeared installation future

Courtyard state exhibition hall “Ark” turned into a giant motherboard, stretching on the pavement a white lineii. Between “sewn” key cultural codes, materialized in nouns and verbs: images, emotions, meaning, skills, dialogue, to create, to inspire, to see, to understand, to think… Thus the author of the public art installation “the Cultural code”, artist and curator Marina Zvyagintsev, has solved two tasks – to attract the viewer’s attention to the cultural site and to convey to the public the idea that art exists not only in specially designated places, such as museums and galleries, it dissolved around us, it lives within each of us.

photo: Maria Moskvicheva

“The ark” – a place widely known in narrow circles. This art site exists since 1988 in Timiryazevsky district, near the Park “oaklets”, in that time it hosted more than 300 projects, including in cooperation with major museums such as the Pushkin and the Tretyakov gallery. But despite its prominence in the cultural environment and rich exhibition history, about the existence of “the Ark” I know a few locals. The fact that the art space occupies the first floor of the house, the porch of the exhibition hall is not very perceptible. It would seem that from the subway to the “Ark” at hand, but to find a showroom is not so easy.

― When I went here for the first time, very long searched for “the Ark”, passed the house a few times ― says “MK” Marina Zvyagintsev. – I realized that the people who live here do not notice this art space. So the idea to make some kind of cultural navigation.

In such a navigation was interested and the art site, because a few months ago the old team, “the Ark” moved to the Arbat with the collection, collected over the years space. Exhibition hall, the independence (unlike most other municipal art sites included in the Association of exhibition halls of Moscow), now headed by Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky.

Essentially we’re starting from scratch – we’ve got the place and the task is to make “the Ark” visible on the map Moscow art center of not only cultural and educational, but social, – said Anastasia. – So for us, an important project of Marina Zvyagintsev, because it allows the inhabitants of the sleeping area to become members of the art forum, not only inside the exhibition hall but also outside.

Presentation of the project “Cultural code” took place during the celebration of city Day, but the installation is “live” on the asphalt two weeks before. And has managed to attract the attention of local residents.

― When did this “cultural charge,” continues Zvyagintsev ― attendance of the gallery immediately increased significantly. A lot of young people began to come. People get into art and feel part of it. It brings together the viewer and artist. Our goal is to make art visible, to show people that they go for cultural relations.

An obvious advantage of the installation of its durability: “Cultural code” is impossible to ruin or erase, because it is drawn on the pavement. The project has been so bright and clear that the municipality is already considering expanding it throughout the district to identify other cultural and public spaces, such as libraries and schools. And while large-scale idea called “Cultural code of Timiryazev area” exists only at the level of ideas, the installation before the entrance to the exhibition hall grows and develops. Marina left a few empty “Windows” in the matrix, where their cultural codes can enter residents of the area. His definition of art everyone can leave on Malkovich boards that lined the yard, and in a few weeks the most interesting options will take to the asphalt. During the presentation of the project on the boards there were many inspiring definitions of art – beauty, love, life. This proves that the social project works as intended.

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