Korean acrobat for the record almost sacrificed his life

Even if you write about the circus for many years, it is impossible to get used to no injuries, no falls, although here it becomes evident price great circus art. On Saturday, at the end of the program “B” the international festival “Idol” (that’s the fifth time takes place in the circus on Vernadsky) 21-year-old acrobat from the DPRK, at the time a record sixfold somersault, came after torsion on a Mat not on the legs and on the neck… lost consciousness. In the hall hung aceptada silence.

the troupe of the DPRK
photo: idolfest.ru

The DPRK representatives typically show to “IDOL” very high quality program, putting itself every time an incredibly high bar. So this time with acrobats teeter boards under the leadership of Kim Kang Chol was left “under seal” for dessert, they finished the show program “B” as the most challenging and spectacular rooms… all were waiting for.

Edgar Zapashny as a lead, intrigued the audience by saying that we expect a few world records.

The demonstration lasted about ten minutes, and whenever you come after the jump in the raised chair on a high pole acrobats tickled the audience’s nerves — already this was enough for the Koreans got all the sympathy possible.

But they went VABank. After the intermediate bows and applause, the group came to the crown of the trick. One gets on the teeter Board, the other two jump on the other end of the Board with the special towers. The acrobat takes off and turns a somersault. Claimed a record six times!

According to preliminary data, difficult trick came 21-year-old Ol In He. Drum roll. Jump. And he completely turned the trick, well, only, maybe it’s a little uneven in the Mat, which for the audience was generally unnoticed… the Hall erupted with a standing ovation. All just decided that this is the end of the program. But no. Acrobat decided on another option — whether to do the trick maximally pure, or just fix the quality of the Korean circus. The audience is happy to listen to…

Hop! Jump, two seconds in flight, and acrobat a little neukrotimyy, comes the Mat is flat, as if the head and neck. Edgard Zapashny instinctively he grabbed his neck, in the hall someone shouted obscenely, and Tatyana covered with a wrapped (sitting in a professional jury) immediately ran to the backstage to call an ambulance… everything was all clear, acrobat (probably unconscious) instantly carried away from the arena…

Let’s hear it for standing Korean delegation. Said Edgard Zapashny.

The audience stood up, however, and without an invitation. But the show is a show, it always continues, viewers you can not scare even when everything is disturbing and bad, and all the festival artists at a mandatory tradition reached its final bow… Already outside the protection of the circus on Vernadsky urgently clears the passage for the ambulance at the back entrance. Come from two carriages. Acrobat will immediately put an IV in the neck wear a corset, put on a special stretcher and carry it to the car. Numerous representatives of the DPRK, as well as other artists, watching the eyes of his colleague.

The victim is laid, for a long time doing with him in the car some manipulation, finally, the doctor yells from the cockpit:

We are taken to the First City! A translator with us!

Status no one wants to say no.

At the time of signing of the rooms was known that the actor is in a state of artificial coma…

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