Learned about the plans of Ukraine to deepen the sea of Azov: useless idea

Experts are skeptical about the plans of the official Kiev on dredging the sea of Azov.

photo: NASA

The Chairman of the southern scientific center of Russian Academy of science, candidate of biological Sciences Oleg Stepanyan criticized the plans of Ukrainian authorities to deepen the sea of Azov, calling the project meaningless.

“Normally such work is carried out in highly contaminated port water areas that are heavily polluted. In this regard, the procedure does not bring serious environmental harm… the Port area is a priori technological object.So to talk about the damage resources as a result of dredging necessary reservations. It is usually already contaminated territory, which is actively used”, – said the expert, whose words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

In addition, the Deputy head of the don basin water management Natalia Kovtun reminded of the need to respect Ukrainian authorities environmental requirements.

“We have information, what amount of works will be carried out by the Ukrainian side, it is difficult to answer, how will it affect Russian territory… But it is worth mentioning that when carrying out similar work should take into account environmental requirements,” she said.

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