LOBODA: “Lolita she would make me porridge every morning”

Elias Kokotos, Greek producer and luminary contests “Eurovision”, in the achievements of artists from different countries, arrived a guest on the Russian pop competition in Sochi and all the days were terribly intense. From the standpoint of all laws of the genre and his trained euroimpianti eyes, had to win, of course, the group DoReDos from Moldova. “This is absolutely a competitive team — he shared his impressions with “ZD”, — all of them correct: shape, flow, energy, teamwork, professional level. Must win, of course, they are.” But there was a possibility of breakup, as recently at “Eurovision” of their fellow — enchanting Sunstroke Project. For many who watched performed in Kiev, the number of Hey Mama was the best. But did not win. It seemed that now incendiary Moldovans will yield the palm to, for example, Erna World from Armenia, or Sardor Milano, Uzbek juggler octaves and tessiture. The artist has already stormed several television competitions, and his next campaign for victory looked a long and somewhat tiring ride. It seemed that the jury from the first day preferred creative technique early soulless vocal acrobatics. Although, apparently, and was torn between “want” and “can’t.” In the end, given the controversial verdict: three first places! Moldovans luck. The guru of “Eurovision”, Mr. Kokotos went off to Greece not really disappointed… Until a panel of experts scratching his head how to divide the prize Fund, “ZD” was so incredibly happy incident of the occasion of meeting with Svetlana Loboda and Dima Bilan. Talking to them managed to miss, judging by the letters “MK”, many of our readers…

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Struck me an unexpected Association metaphor about “Lada” and “Mercedes” belongs absolutely to the ordinary viewer, closely followed all the concerts. That is all that this man saw and heard — and this is, sorry, almost all overdressed cream respomse — was his “Zhiguli”. And only one LOBODA appeared to him, not a fan (!), and impartial man in the street “Mercedes” in which “nothing is superfluous and everything is balanced”. Summary “I would have bought a ticket to her concert” is the most important for any artist the audience’s verdict.

Night solo singer who does not even bother to remove for historical elecronic, brought to the ears of the audience, and loaded them incredibly positive energy. She does not write on their posters about “world-class show,” but such, in fact, shows from time to time — at least in Kiev, even in Moscow, though, as now, on the South coast. It is so obvious that there is no need to have to cast pearls of delight and compliments they say sold-out concerts, top of the charts occupied by each new song artist, download, etc.

At the very same Svetlana surprise of a different order: “Daughter asked: mom, what does the word “concept”? She’s only six! Don’t know what will grow out of it, my Eva is an extraordinary child!” In response, I made a cautious suggestion: “maybe…”.

– The light is you sing, move on stage. Like a machine. You even with the “Mercedes” compared. And sensuality and emotions you’re still “volcano of passion”…

– Well, to me the ideal is still very far away. I think I’m still a little weak on the background of the goals that I set, and amid those people who are authorities in their work… Want to grow, to be better for myself. I’m a terrible perfectionist, and if you see some of the nuances of error, we will not rest until we get rid of them. I’m always dissatisfied. Everyone in my team know I always have a lot of questions to myself… Sometimes I feel exhausted. But every time I get onstage, I feel that the public charges. Before I couldn’t take it, she could only give, and all the time after the concerts was just like a squeezed lemon. Felt no legs, no arms, no emotions. Now found people who taught me the interchange of energy. People need to be able to exchange energy. If you learn this, then there is a very strong surge.

– The public and even yourself in the music you are, however, found not immediately. Started as a girl “VIA gra”, tried his hand at Eurovision, remember how long rushed about in search of… When I realized that finally crossed the Rubicon, became popular, convincing to themselves and the public?

– I think I’m now in search of. When I started my solo career, I do not know what they were doing, where you’re going. There was a lot of ambitions, I really wanted to get on some kind of a way, but I didn’t know how to do it. And for me it was seen as an upstart, jump, try, rushing, and tumbling, and dancing and this and that. But by and large, nothing. Rod was not of the character, all smeared. I remember we discussed Lolita my room at the “Eurovision” in Moscow in 2009 (Be My Valentine), which was not the artist itself. Had wheels of some kind, acrobatics, drums. But not an artist. And now I know what I said Lolita. The most important thing you can bring, watch, and all the rest is tinsel. For me personally, the turning point, of course, happened with the arrival Natella (Krapivina), my producer, when we did the song “Revolution”. This song was a turning point, a new milestone in my career. Then there was the “40 degree”, we filmed a stunning video in Iceland. Natella was the Director. And this work gave us a very large reservoir of the female audience. As in the famous formula: the next morning we woke up famous in my home country Ukraine.

– In Russia too, you know, not remain indifferent, then, to this unexpected and new incarnation…

Just in Ukraine “40 degrees” shot instantly — all the charts and held onto first position for a very long time. Death, suffering, empathy is a matter that concern people. A woman loses her man is a canvas, but it is important that people still believe. And then I did it. I already knew his destiny, knew how to and knew how to do that. And the visuals played a big role.

But the song with the music by themselves was also good…

– Yes, of course. Dima Manatic wrote this amazing song. I always thank him sincerely for the fact that we have established this tandem. Although, I admit, I liked the song immediately, and Natella no says: what a nonsense. And I said to her, is only $ 500, well, let’s take! She said over 300 will take… Remember we traded with Dima because of these $ 200 per song, which became a megahit and brought us a huge amount of!

Is often when artists are not something that is not guessed the next hit, but simply with hostility initially took — “Million scarlet roses” by Alla Pugacheva to the “Provence” at the Christmas Tree…

– But that Natella would not believe, and I believed. I always believe in what you’re doing. People might say: no, this is bad, but if I clearly understand that it is my as a “Revolution”, “40 degrees”, it will not back down. Even said at first that the music did not set the radio station, but I knew what to do, and it eventually worked.

– Only that we passed by Kostya Meladze. He’s not pissed at you because you ran away, not appreciating the happiness in “VIA GRE”?

Very warmly we treat each other. Then, in 2004, it was all very sudden. They are casting not announced that is set to the group “VIA Gra”, but simply said that coast is looking for a artist who wants to do. I came to him as a producer, really wanted — such a great man, I wish he was doing my career. Took part in a competition of thousands of people, at the end of the evening, already at 11 o’clock, I was told that I selected. Have a seat, they say, we congratulate you, you are in the group “VIA Gra”. I was a little perplexed because I didn’t go to “VIA GRU”do something..

Reputation is not staged?

– Not in this case. I was in the group of Capuccino and understand that this is not my movie, I’m not a group person, I pull the blanket over himself. Solo artists always individualists. And I said: “Kostya, I can’t, I was already in the group, I can’t do it”. He wonders: you said, crazy? This is the most popular group in the CIS, what are you talking about, girl?! Do you have any other suggestions? I say: Yes, I have another producer, he wanted to do with my solo career. “And what’s his name?” — asked Kostya. Alexander Gray, say. He was measuring me from head to toe and says: “Svetlana, gray is not your color.” And I signed the contract. But we agreed that if I fail, then he let me go. It is very noble to me. Watched, looked, saw me throughout these four months was choking, I was choking and depressed. After a big tour in Asia, I came in and said I wouldn’t work in the team. And she generously let me go, and the contract was canceled. Wished good luck. We were texting, he asked me how I am, always supported me, and the relations were very warm. I don’t think he talks to other singers who left the band. After creative evening of Valery Meladze song “Tequila-love” went to our repertoire so seamlessly, like it’s our song. Now I can’t imagine their program without it.

– It amazes me how frantically worried about you and worried your Moscow friend Lolita. Such emotion and selfless friendship, especially in show business, is so incredibly rare…

– I, too, for her are very worried and love her very much. Many years ago, Lolita was very helpful in a difficult situation in my life, this was due to the producer, with a man who was hard to postpone the parting. And in the usual scheme of relations between a man and a woman he did everything to the woman, that is me, to erase. Over time, he, however, acknowledged their mistake, and now we’re talking. Fortunately, all this weight we slept. Not to leave enemies in principle. Because the remaining laps you have completed. If you have someone holding the evil, then the karma is bad, I believe. But my Lo is very close and creative temperament.

– It’s true. And how did it start?

– We met during the Moscow “Eurovision”, I was a little girl, did not understand, she called me: “Hello, this is Lolita.” I said, “Oh, I thought it was some kind of man.” She says: “I am a man confused.”

– Basit…

– Low voice… this started our acquaintance. After Eurovision, she took me in. Says you need to do important steps, come, live with me, I’d take care of you, help you, because you seem very similar to me in my youth, and want to help you. And our great friendship started with the fact that Lolita she would make me porridge every morning. I woke up and didn’t realize where I was, I fell from the sky? She was so caring. It is generally a very caring person, always gives my kid a gift, asked how I normally eat as we go… We are constantly in touch, aseneskak, motsepe… Recite to each other the audio, if out of range.

She also strategically-minded person, however. Considered in you that others did not even suspect…

– Yes, she said she already clearly knew that I was a great artist, but I have a lot of prevents, including the environment. And a little tactful advice, support, warmth, care, very much, really helped further my creative development…

– So it turns out that the global Russian show-business is very much fueled by the creative potential of Ukraine. A lot of new and fresh music comes from there, even now, in these difficult times between our countries. We have this secret, and rebus often discussed in the “REAR”, are trying to solve. What do you think?

– Ukraine is rich in talented people. If you look at our “Golos Krainy”, there are the children who are just goosebumps. Wife Sasha Revva yesterday showed me at dinner the account of a girl who sang so that we cried. I think, well, where did she get such a voice, such compassion in what she sings! What a beautiful melismas in her face how much genuine emotion in the flow! This is the uniqueness of the nation.

– That is, the Ukrainians in the local music — like the Italians in the world, right?

– You could say that. The Ukrainian language is very melodious, very beautiful. This is our gift.

– There is another difference in the system of show business. In Ukraine more interest and support for the new that comes up in music, isn’t it? In Moscow reigns notorious radio format, sharpened by the conveyor…

I can’t say that much to notice such things, but what Ukraine really talented people live and a lot of them, in fact. If you go to places where they sing live musicians that almost every you meet is ready, in fact, a star personality. Their right to take and, if possible, just to unwind. For some reason this happens, it’s hard to say. But I can say that in Russia a huge number of great musicians, artists. Basta — talented musician! Zemfira — just the cult of personality! This scale of people, such a lump, the endless sea… a lot of Talent everywhere. Perhaps it’s really in giving or not giving opportunities to prove themselves. In Ukraine, on the radio always take good music, even if it is new and known to nobody. In Russia on the radio often pose barriers: a format — Neformat. This is the complexity of the problem. The music does not tolerate formats.

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