Media called the reason for the departure of Elizabeth Sand from Instagram

The news that the daughter of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth has deleted his account on the social network Instagram were greatly puzzled by the Russian media. It was associated with a recent history when Elizabeth Sand for Forbes was discovered borrowing. However, surrounded by Sand called another reason, and promised that the account will be restored.

So the network edition “the” reports that contacted the representative of Elizabeth the Sand, and she said that the departure of a press Secretary of the Russian leader from social networks associated with the “working holiday”.

“Lisa for a couple of weeks “in the vacation” and 100% passionate about studying,” – leads edition of the words of the interlocutor.

The representative also said that Peskov is now gaining strength and knowledge, as this year ends (“by Russian standards”) bachelor and master’s degree.

“But soon Lisa will be back with new articles and ideas,” he promised her representative.

Earlier, the Russian media noted that the account of Elizabeth Sand in the network Instagram, where she actively placed photos, videos, and her comments were deleted. Journalists suggested that it may be connected with the story when mediaconsulting Oksana Silantieva noticed the plagiarism in the Sand “Illusion of knowledge. Kill new technology of traditional education,” written for Forbes magazine. Later, the journal had to first remove the text, and then expose it again, but with links to websites where the girl took the materials.

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