Media: the Chinese government completely banned the cryptocurrency trading

The authorities of the people’s Republic of China has announced sweeping “war” to the cryptocurrency market and are going to ban trading on bitcoin exchanges in China, said on Friday, September 15, Reuters.

The people’s Bank of China, responsible for financial risks on the Internet, has sent out a warning regional Chinese regulators to temporarily ban trade in cryptocurrencies.

“All exchanges have to midnight 15 September to publish a notice on full stop trading crypto-currencies and the termination of the registration of new users”, — reads the statement of the Chinese authorities.

On September 13, the head of JPMorgan Chase James Dimon called cryptocurrency fraud and promised to dismiss the negligent bankers for questionable financial transactions with bitcoins.

In turn, the leading financial analysts of Russia, too skepticheski belong to the cryptocurrency market. So, a former Finance Minister, head of the Center for strategic research believes that investing in bitcoins “evergreencanada things”, comparing them with the casino game, according to RNS. “You can win but you can lose with the same probability”, — Kudrin said, adding that he runs the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, the head of Tsentrobank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that kleptomania threat, and mining cryptocurrency similar to a financial pyramid.

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