Military prosecutors of the Moscow region helped to return to the state 128 million rubles

The Moscow city military Prosecutor Vladislav Prikhodchenko recently held its annual meeting with representatives of the media, which was visited by “MK”. Answering questions of journalists, Prikhodchenko touched upon the topic, the relevance of which will soon come to the fore. According to him, the Moscow city military office of public Prosecutor (MGVP) in anticipation of the autumn draft, which starts on October 1 has not received any complaints about the work of medical boards in determining the suitability of recruits for military service.


The question of whether to worry about the young Muscovites about possible violations during the autumn call-up, asked the military Prosecutor of Moscow “MK”.

– Preparations for the autumn appeal already underway, the Committee started to work, and one of the indicators that the work of draft boards and the military in General is established, that in the month of September of the current year in the Moscow city military Prosecutor’s office of appeals on this issue have been reported. Moscow and the Moscow region conducted the recruiting of the company at a high level – encouraged by Vladislav Prikhodchenko.

He also spoke about the fact that substantially reduced the number of requests in respect of corruption offences.

However, earlier in MGVP noted the emergence of the Internet the beginning of each draft campaign proposals to assist in the release of the service. Of course, not free. Assistance of “human rights” subsequently led to the fact that the criminal scheme was revealed, decisions of draft boards were abolished, and young people, to lay out a tidy sum for not to go to the army still recruited or received help instead of the military card, in fact testifying to evasion of service.

– It is clear that while there is a demand for such unscrupulous people will appear – does not preclude Prikhodchenko. But, together with colleagues from police stations, military prosecutors will continue to take all measures to curb their activities, one of which is a thorough analysis of the results of the work of the draft commissions. For example, an increase in the number of recognized unfit for service, the emergence of the so-called “serial” diseases of recruits will certainly be an occasion to draw attention to the activities of the military. Today, such information or bodies engaged in operational investigative activities, neither from NGOs nor from the Committee of soldiers ‘ mothers have been reported, largely, I believe, due to the significant work on prevention of offences in the appeal, and held us, the military commissariats. It is crucial that the government undertakes considerable efforts to increase the prestige of military service. In addition, a serious reason to abandon the intention to avoid military service and to carry out its constitutional duty, is a broader opportunity for employment in the future. Examples where draft evaders were refused admission to state service is, people trying to appeal, and now the majority of appeals to the MGVP is due to such situations.

However, the question of the appeal is only one component of activities of military prosecutors. As told Vladislav Prikhodchenko, the main efforts of the MGVP aims “to ensure the combat readiness of the troops, the keeping of the Federal property and budget funds, the protection of the rights and social guarantees of servicemen, corruption”.

– This year at the request of prosecutors reinstated almost 90 thousand citizens, including for salaries, housing and medical care, compliance with safe conditions of military service – said the Moscow city military Prosecutor. Priority is given to the issues of execution of the state defense order. MGVP, in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s offices of Moscow and Moscow region supervises companies that perform 139 state contracts under the state defense order for the total amount of 30 billion rubles. Unfortunately, in some cases, military prosecutors revealed violations of terms and quality of works, overestimate of the prices for military products.

So, according Prikhodchenko, materials MGVP prosecuted for the supply of troops clothing and equipment, the cost of which was inflated by 40 million rubles. Continues investigation of criminal case about plunder more than 4 million rubles allocated for the design of one of the military installations.

Still one of the priority directions of work of MGVP — supervision over implementation of laws to ensure the safety of military equipment and weapons. Here Prikhodchenko gave the example of criminal prosecution according to the materials of the military prosecutors, Deputy commander of one of military units, the fault is kidnapped by the military and other assets in excess of 33.5 million rubles. In all such cases, military prosecutors are taking steps to redress.

All in all, the efforts of the military prosecutors in the region only this year returned to the state Treasury of over 128 million rubles.

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