“Mom,” Zhenya Belousova Lyubov Voropaeva: “it hurts Me to hear your poems”

It is known by everyone. Suffice it to say that she’s the lyricist of such hits as “my blue-eyed Girl”, “Night taxi”, “Last tango”, “Gold domes”.

But, in fact, Love Voropayeva much stronger and more important poet than the Creator of the song texts, even the absolute hits. She lives in several guises at once. And now found a niche on the Internet.

On the eve of the anniversary, we talked to her about how difficult it is to fit the poetry and the profession, how it feels to be the mom of an idol that young died, it is difficult to live with her husband and coauthor, if he is younger than you by twenty years. And anyway, what excites talented woman on the eve of the major anniversary.

– Love, how is your mood before the holiday?

– Oh, I have before every birthday, not just the jubilee, the jitters coming! They say that the angel in these days flies in the report. Now, apparently, he now left me, and I yearn…

— Are you a believer? Observe Orthodox canons, go to confession?

— I attend Church but not as often as I would like. Although I do not like the service, I like one to stand up in the Church. Not that I’m devoutly religious man who observes all rites. I communicate more with God, who feel. To go to confession, but also not as often as I would like.

— Tell me, that you write poems and lyrics, not hard to give yourself internal installation: today I am a poet, God, tomorrow — the author of the text, — this is my profession. Doesn’t happen a split creative personality?

— I share the poet and a lyricist. Second — it is a profession, and the first-indeed the gift of God, a purpose, something for which I thank the Lord every day. You’re the man who writes poems, and understand what it means to the moment when connection happens and you begin to receive information. And when talking about the song text, it is just a skill, I understand the canons, know the laws of the genre, I’m an old hand. But the poem is so written, and we both know it.

— Thank you for this “we” to hear from such a recognized poet like you, so dear to a compliment is very nice. Tell me, is the feeling that you’re being punished for what you use poetic talent for writing song lyrics?

– There is a feeling. Quite often I feel when I get punished. And then I take pause. In recent years, I don’t write poetry, only when it begins a state of excitement, and I understand that they’re going to happen. And in my youth, when I didn’t understand anything in the song genre, the poems were the flow. I could for five to seven verses for the sleepless night to create, at the same time was capable of two or three days without sleep, have enough health. I just wrote a lot of poems, which, incidentally, was never published.

– Why you don’t want to publish their youthful poetry?

— I refer to the edition of the poems. There are people who just captures your creativity, don’t have it. Was a collection of poems and well. How these verses got there, I don’t know. Some by accident, others editor asked me to add. I same not even really a pleasure to get into your creative archives and reread the old poems, because I mentally get into that state in which I then wrote. And often, when it comes to youthful poems, this pain, this condition of strong shocks.

— Your own verses cause you pain?

— I just hate to go back to the former myself. Mom says I’m a few published poems, I only have three collections of poetry. Mom says: “give me! Do nicely!” But it pains me to do: to collect themselves still do not want to. I find it easier to live here and now.

— In life you feel different from other people who don’t write?

— So it turns out that my destiny in this strange plan. I, one foot on land and one floating in the air. This is hard enough — one foot rests. It is necessary to earn money, I, like everyone, have a life, family and everything else.

— Money, of course, need to earn, but you, venerable man, with a name. Still have problem to find the executor to sell the song?

— Now find the artist in General is difficult, especially people like me who are not going to lower the bar. Rarely happen some good luck. So I look forward to when there will be song, the rights to which were acquired by Alla Pugacheva. It happened more than a year ago, but the songs yet, it is not recorded because it is a duet. But there is a very strong poem, though called “song lyrics” I still try to be yourself. When we were done with the deceased, my husband Victor Dorokhin project “Zhenya Belousov”, I had to go on about dance music, because the project was dance. But praise the Victor, he gave me the opportunity in some moments of each song to be yourself, and be a poet. I think the poetic successes of the song “Such a short summer”, “Midsummer Gold” and so on, which sang so a pop idol Zhenya Belousov!

— From the Soviet era changed the level requirements, which apply to singers to song lyrics? After all, what we hear, sometimes can only be called “the horror, the horror”.

— Now everything is very difficult. In the song genre is dominated by “La-La, ku-ku,” and is able to write any arranger in the Studio, and the artist himself. So I have a huge number of good song lyrics just stay at the table. There are songs about which the artist says: “This is not mine!” But when you hear what he’s singing, I think: “I was your lottery ticket!” But now very few people understands good texts. And not only artists, but also many spectators.

— If today, with performers such a big problem, maybe, is worth the most to start singing?

– Tried, but really I sing terribly. Of course, by a clever tuning and technology today it is possible to achieve the desired sound, but I understand that it is not the result which I would like to be proud of. Still, I consider myself a professional, and set an example of professionalism in front of itself, would be ashamed. Better to let lie. Their time will come, not will come — what can you do. My hands are itching to give away or to run to the microphone.

— You worked with Victor Dorokhin, now your co-author Nikolai Arkhipov. Something changed for you with the change of creative partner.

– They are completely different. But I, due to the fact that I work with a young co-author, develop, absorb modern music, which is also not standing still. I’m learning by being yourself. Not only do I work with Arkhipov, we’ve been working with Didier Marouani. And we also wrote a shared song with Sergey Gileeva “Cherry” for the film “the color of the cherry”. I just love doing this, I hear the music, understand what and how to write to the vocals it was easy to sing. We did a song for Alice Mon “Rose-colored glasses”, and it quickly became popular. Our many years of mutual affection with the singer resulted in this hit.

— And when you hear his old hits performed by Zhenya Belousova, heart still skipped a beat?

— Yes, the heart is compressed, because Victor’s gone, and Zhenya no. And always some amazing moments with these songs happen, they don’t suddenly sound. Once I’m in the cab, start talking to the driver, and asks me: “are You the same Voropaeva?” And then turns on the radio, and here is the same song belousovskaya.

Another moment in life was. When he died Victor Dorokhin, I was absolutely crushed and killed, lying Vlaicu, was in very serious condition. Arkhipov took me to the cottage, to at least to save from the condolences. I decided to turn around. Went without money and suddenly went to the village store — without a goal. I went, and they heard “Golden domes” belousovskaya.

— You cry when you hear songs performed by Jenny?

— Well… Life has taught to hold back.

— It’s no secret that the death of Zhenya Belousov’s not the last role was played by alcohol, why is it such a problem in the artistic community? Corny “star disease” or people don’t really cope with his talent?

It is very difficult to cope with the talent when it is really a great gift. So it fills inside you that you’re always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In this regard, of course, alcohol saves. I also had a problem with alcohol when I did shows in major malls, casinos and so on. Then I had a period when I was overly fond of alcohol. But I got out of this state thanks to Arkhipov, who said: “no longer a problem! It takes out of our lives!” And since then nine years have passed, during which I did not consume any alcohol at all. Just this summer in Bulgaria three glasses of dry wine drank. With great pleasure, because it was the sea and the heat. But anyway, I realized that I alcohol is not bad. Even the smell of it repels. So in companies where I am, just quietly drinking morsik or juice, and I feel good. With Wheeler, I was able to handle it and learned how to relieve stress in another way — started cooking.

— The husband is younger than you, is that a problem?

— Yes, he’s younger than me by 23 years, and that’s a problem. We do not easily together. Of course. When we both entered this relationship, we are not quite aware of how it will not be easy. But we have many years together and cope because we sit and talk. It’s hard for me not to show that I’m more experienced. He, as a man, I want to show their “self”. In this kind of relationship with such a large age difference is the biggest problem. A man should be a leader and a woman be a woman, and I don’t always succeed. My character is not very good and sometimes weak and vulnerable, sometimes strong overlap. But I think that if I is in this life, I have to go your way.

— What are you on today are most interested in, concerned about in life?

— I love to learn, especially from life. And I wonder what’s in me is to dissect yourself and see what I have there. And ask yourself a difficult situation when, as it seems, you can go in a simple way. I still feel like a little girl who gave the doll, and she tries to tear her head off, cut the stomach to see what’s inside. For example, myself, I know what’s inside another person, in Russian it is called “soul-searching”.

— Hard in the world of show business when a number of such well-known names, but in reality there as nowhere else, every man for himself?

— I lead a very secluded life, my worlds inside of me. People from show business are often each other hurt, but I am in such situations I try to stand on the position of another person, and do not hold evil. And so I have all good! The parents are still alive, God give them health! The main and closest friend after yourself my mother. I share with her all my fears, neponyatki, insecurities and victories. Come other moments in life, and other genres. Now, the book “Virtual”. It is only one Chapter devoted to new poetry. But many people have said that this is a new genre, an entirely virtual literature. To me it summed up the Internet, I learned a lot in networks, my thinking was a sign of status in my book my thousand aphorisms, some of my statuses, and so on. I have absorbed modern language, was further developed thanks to the Internet. This book is a trial balloon, maybe I’ll begin to develop not only in poetry, but in terms of virtual work.

The poem Lyubov Voropayeva specially for “MK”:

The breath of life into the Golden years often volatile becomes equal

I’m deep into myself stare more often than in the mirror… me music better

Bitter spirit ocosingo meadows was hit in the nostrils, but it was a fright

Only saved from the idle leisure of the serpent and the tenderness of friends.

Farewell, youth! you’re beautiful, if I had the time off you drive…

But the right to be in the autumn in the registry in beauty with anything I can’t compare.

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