NASA released a recent photo of Saturn by Cassini eyes

NASA interplanetary probe “Cassini” (Cassini) yesterday ended its 13-year mission to study Saturn and died heroically in the performance of burned in the gas giant’s atmosphere. The probe was 20 years old.


“The ship has done everything we asked him, and passed the data up to the last minute,” said the head of the mission “Cassini” Earl Mays.

NASA conducted the legendary spacecraft with applause and tears – of sadness and gratitude “Cassini” for the work done.

The Agency has published the latest pictures of Saturn, do probe just hours before his death. In the photo, mounted in a short video, see Saturn, absorptive probe.

Look back in wonder: some of our final views of Saturn

— CassiniSaturn (@CassiniSaturn) on 15 September 2017.

The most recent frame transmitted to the Ground, was this:


In honor of Cassini and its achievements, NASA changed the design of their pages in social networks, making the cover photo image of the probe. “And every time we look at Saturn in the night sky, we will remember. And smile. And dream to come back,” reads the entry in the microblog Agency.

Watch the video on:
“After 20 years of wandering the legendary Cassini burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn”


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