Plus Renata Zemfira: to play Litvinova, “the North wind” the eyes cry

“North wind” in the role even before the release has caused an unprecedented boom — tickets sold out a few months before the premiere. Explanation — the name of the author and Director: Renata Litvinova plus singer Zemfira (Ramazanova), the allies as a composer.

photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova
Renata Litvinova entered into the Director’s territory.

Over the two day premiere of “North wind” was visited by many notable guests. “Yesterday we were Pugacheva”, — not without pride tells me the employee of the Moscow art theatre. Well, with television a lot.

In General, the secular part of the premiere secured. But the theater — not show business, this is a fashion name is not a free pass to the art. In addition to showing off something more serious to show. Renata Litvinova presented “North wind”, which did not catch a cold, and caused a lot of emotion, and variety. In General, collective freezing from his deathly blow never happened.

Notice that the second coming actress and screenwriter Litvinova at the Art theatre. A few years ago, the Director Adolf Shapiro surprise of many, asked her for the role (as much) Ranevskaya in “the Cherry orchard”. Me she liked it then, despite the uneven and fragile for the stage voice, striking stage uncertainty and inexperience. But her personality won, and even the skeptics admitted that “Maybe”. Now Renata has entered into the Director’s territory, and here that is forgivable actress, not forgiven the Director. So, watch her directorial debut.

Through the dark curtain of slanting the snow flies, whistling wind. However, the curtain some not serious, thorough, and flimsy curtains, which that and look will blow away the most North — not South. However behind the curtain will be room, bathed in warm light. The table at which were gathered some family to celebrate the New year. What? Yes, from Christmas of some kind — doesn’t matter. Even the clothes of the characters confused cards: whether it is 30 years with a female broad-shouldered jackets and wavy plates in hairstyles, whether at the beginning of the last century with velvet dresses. Maybe today’s outfit flight attendants with alloy jackets and narrow skirts.

No, still loves Renata sky, flight attendants, aircraft — like screen at the Moscow art theatre moved some of her movies. In decorative window floating clouds, heard the roar of the engine, is a flight attendant. Of course, beauty in the costume color steel wing.

Her name is Fanny and she is the fiancée of Benedict, son of Margaret. However, for new year’s table is much more family, and don’t understand who who who have. Moreover, the text they say, makes even more confusion in the mind.

And as soon as I looked at you — I was amazed, how I love you though seen for the first time. The North wind, the cold brought us. Clenching his hand into a fist…

You are so beautiful, so beautiful that I’m ready…

I will love you all my life — to the grave and after the grave.

The flight attendant, the postman in the costume of a military pilot, an Opera diva in a sequin dress. Centenarian Alice (maybe from the looking glass, who knows) and her Shadow. I’m not talking about professors of the Flagellum, which is from the unrequited love of the surgeons-beauticians have turned into protectory stored on a memory preserved in alcohol nose sweetheart Ada and from time to time shows everyone a jar with him. From time to time death comes — beauty in strict male costume — and someone tidies up. In General, leads to another world.

One scene is the New year with a family toast about love to the grave and after the grave — unchanged. Eight or nine times she repeated, until a strange family would not fail, like snow under the sun in “the Northern wind”, but there was no sun. His play indicates Litvinova as a real phantasmagoria, ruled by the unreal, but surprisingly clear, because that which lives is always with us in our subconscious — thoughts on love and death in different ways — as imagination and experience allows. “Madness is not enough,” says one of the characters, giving the secret thoughts of the author. And follies of the author Litvinova takes revenge. But the main feature of her madness some domacnosti, humanity, reverence. The awkwardness in the end and that defines in many ways the life and its movement towards the inevitable end.

Where, if you believe the author of the play, the deadly blond leads his own expense, and surprised the chaos that make the people in her well-established economy. “Disappeared from the navigation on the vector of the 13th hour, she says, discouraged by the treacherous violation of the order, and they casescenario at the 25th hour. Horror when it comes, I twisted to 120 breaths ago…”

Oddly enough, but it is absurdist text Litvinova, funny in many ways, controls the action, change the picture if the same static scene — New year, the North wind, one by one all died. Live only one love — Benedict still Dating his Fanny, loved the entire life of a flight attendant, who died soon after their acquaintance and submission to the family. They are in the cockpit, the propeller of which is already running.

Amazing ensemble cast working on “North wind” — no entrance role, even the smallest. As a Director Litvinova showed the individuality of each and text, and drawing. Don’t know whether it is collective work, or only the merit of the Director, but the result is excellent. Rare case when the ensemble works like clockwork and it is impossible for someone one to select. However… Renata Stands out, but not with the game, which seems a continuation of her existence in the scene (or she cleverly deceives?), and the fact that noticeable as her Margarita watching the actors only lip-reciting together with them the text not as a partner but as a Director.

photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova
The play itself was written quickly, in a month.

The output when ended the applause and were given flowers, I have heard various opinions, from “thin,” “cool,” “the plague” to the outrageous — “something I don’t understand”. “North wind” and Litvinova will argue, but the fact that the production cut was not the standard patterns of modern theater, but technology is a fact.

Interview with Renata Litvinova after the performance.

— I wrote the play quickly, maybe for a month. And then set it under artists. Because I have one actor asked for a monologue, the second artist asked for something… Falling in love with artists, I’ve done their part. In the future, play I want to publish, because it is wider than what you saw on stage today.

— And why such a choice is North, not West or South. It is warmer?

Because we’re not the South, and in principle, it conveys our mysterious territory. Grey fields where there is a curator who commit to control the chaos and to control it is absolutely impossible. What is this territory?

— You Russia mean? It seemed to me that you have it is life in General.

— Yes, it’s life. You know, I don’t like documentary — a specific time, a specific place. No, I’m always up for some tale.

— But you have such a fairy tale necrophiliac happened.

— Why do you not want to know this? After all, the two main themes of art — love and death. One without the other does not exist.

— Love and death — not news, right?

— Why-it’s all very very turn a blind eye. In a sense, you show them the North wind. Remember: “Look in my eyes — they cry”, and they don’t want to look in the crying eyes. North wind. Can I tell you — it’s very scary.

— You want to scare the audience?

I don’t want to scare the audience. I just want to tell them that the eyes are crying.

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