Poroshenko declared Ukraine as an important part of “Imperial grandeur” of Russia

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko again criticized Russia. This time, he said in his Twitter that Ukraine is an important part of “Imperial grandeur” of Russia, without which the Kremlin allegedly simply can not afford this Empire to present.

“Today, we gathered again for our millennial mission to protect our common European home from threats from the East,” Poroshenko welcomed the participants of the international forum “Yalta European strategy”.

The Ukrainian President added that Russia started the war for their own world order, but history teaches that it “cannot be trusted under any circumstances”.

“Ukraine has de facto become the Eastern border of a United Europe”, – said Poroshenko.

Note that recently the Ukrainian President boasted by the arrival of the first shipment of American coal. To celebrate, Poroshenko said that Russia is now “lost” another tool of pressure on the Ukrainian authorities. Read the details in our material

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