Residents of Karabash asked the experts of the HRC comfortable living environment

Residents of Karabash increasingly interested in the subject of housing prices and increase the quality of household services. Such conclusions made by experts of the Council for human rights, talking with citizens in the framework of the visiting session. As noted by the members of the HRC, the displacement of the main issues on the agenda with environmental problems on the housing indicates the positive trends in the field of modernization of the enterprise “Karabashmed”.

The report on the situation in Karabash the members of the HRC spoke about the conversation with people for whom environmental concerns have given way to the household.


“At a meeting of the members of the Council with the residents of Karabash became clear that more people care about the tariffs and regulations for heating, poor system of water supply and sanitation, plans for the construction of the landfill near the city”, – said in the report.

Although the environmental situation here is far from ideal for almost hundred years, since in Karabash puffed the pipe of a copper smelter. According to the official data of Rospotrebnadzor, in Karabash was the highest percentage of soils exceeding the standards on sanitary-chemical indicators. Despite this, the HRC has indicated a positive trend is the decreasing burden on the nature with the company, which for 10 years has undergone a major upgrade.

Once in 2004, “Karabashmed” came under the management of “Russian copper company”, for the plant began a new era: a guide RMK has implemented large-scale measures to upgrade production. Were replaced obsolete melting furnaces with modern Australian Ausmelt furnace, installed bag filters to capture much of the harmful emissions, not allowing them to contaminate the air in the city; built silnokislotny shop that allows almost complete recovery of sulfur dioxide.

In total, the modernization “Karabashmed” “Russian copper company” spent more than RUB 16 billion, and will continue in the coming years. Already plan to upgrade treatment systems water wastewater and gas cleaning.

These facts the specialists of the HRC also took into account, noting that emissions from the plant decreased by almost 20 times. According to MNRE, the gross emissions of polluting substances from stationary sources of emissions in 2014 amounted to 16.7 thousand tons, and in 2015 and 10.3 thousand tons.

Of course, the rehabilitation of the environment of Karabash – the case for decades. However, the shift indicates the generation of a population of request for a comfortable living environment. The discontent of Karabastau growth of tariffs for heating and water did not go unnoticed by members of the HRC. Therefore, the Board’s recommendations are quite logical: “the Prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region to carry out an inspection of legality and validity established in the city of Karabash in heating tariffs and the procedure of their calculation”.

The comment of political analyst Andrei Tikhonov.

– It is obvious that large companies have much greater capabilities for the region’s development than the business at the regional level. Therefore, the presence of major players becomes a key factor of economic growth. After all, they bring with them new technology, which means not only the modernization of production and reducing risks to the environment. In addition, a large company is interested in social welfare in the territory of presence. Investments in human capital contribute to growth of living standards in the regions and to reduce the burden on the local budget.

Examples of the positive impact large companies in the region to highlight the work of “Russian copper company” in the Chelyabinsk region. Ongoing construction of the Tominsk GOK will implement in the region a new environmental safety standards. And for the Chelyabinsk region, the environmental issue remains most sensitive. Another definite plus – the emergence of new jobs. Despite the fact that in Chelyabinsk the official unemployment rate is committed to the historical minimum, the lack of jobs with decent wages has not disappeared.

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