Rosstat: the prices of basic foodstuffs continue to decline

Prices for the minimum set of food products, which includes 33 names, continued to decline in August. The trend noted in Rosstat. The value set in the last summer month in average in Russia amounted to 3839,9 of the ruble.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The minimum set of food products which includes meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, bread, vegetables, apples, cereals, tea, sweets, sugar and salt, fell in August to 3839,9 rubles. In July, Russian citizens because he had to give 4066,8 of the ruble. The decline was 5.6%. In June, this set cost more than 3.9%. Such data results the Federal service of state statistics, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

At the same time, it is noted that during the year the cost of the minimum set grew by 4.1%.

To reduce the cost of products in the last summer month was affected by falling prices for certain types of fruits and vegetables after the new harvest, commented edition of the situation in the Ministry of agriculture.

“The main contribution to the reduction of the cost of conventional food basket in recent months, making a fall of prices for certain types of fruits and vegetables, due to entering the market of new crop products”, — told in the Ministry.

However, under forecasts of experts, already in the autumn the prices will again rush up.

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