“Rules of etiquette”: Khristenko on the Junior season in Golf

Safety first First a bright flash in the sky, then thunder, and then, of course, Serena, which are included in any Golf club. Tragedy happened, because the metal stick itself attracts electricity. But let’s talk about the other. Pleasant in all respects the club “Pestovo” the Russian dream Team played a major tournament of the season: the Cup of the President of the AGR. The Association relies on the fact that in 2019 it will be in the money places – no more, no less – of the European championship.

photo: Dmitry Lyubimov

Project dream Team is laying the Foundation for future Olympics, in which Golf from last year is back, and quite successfully. In the meantime, the highest bid will be made for children who are now 12-13 years old, after 2 years they dostigat age ceiling for participation in the championship. Most importantly, these children in just a year and a half have become recognizable, have their own little stars, like Natalia Guseva Ekaterina Malakhova, Alex Butchart and Ivan Striganov, pestovskiy who won the tournament in their age groups. Malakhov and Butchart – winners overall. Prepare the young generation senior coach of Russia Igor Ivashin, youth coach Dmitry Zakharov, as well as world-renowned experts Stephen Dundas, who invited Advisor to the President of AGR, as well as the Creator of the Golf Academy Jason Floyd. As the main prize – grants for travel to overseas Golf schools in February and March 2018.

That storm was a good test for the Novel Domankova: the guy showed character after more than two hours of “downtime”. The weather service clearly followed the approach of the front. In USA there are two good reason to take uchastnikov from the field in the clubhouse: lightning and tornadoes. A second phenomenon Russia, fortunately, is not known, but the first… the Young golfer was in the last flight, this trio is not allowed to continue. Degrove went after the rest of the friends-rivals already had dinner. It does not flinch is novel, hitting the legitimate parolu applause. The other two needed to do on the green in one shot.

The well-known politician Victor Khristenko, former Vice-Prime Minister, now head of the Russian Golf says the progress is obvious:

The Junior showed the best results over the years. Never so many results are below par. It is our pride. Had a great individual tournament, the teams were successful. No accident. Youth, of course, not always allows to be collected, what can you do. But you yourself have noticed that they are in the game don’t allow yourself to smile, nor rewarding. They are good athletes. They want the result. They charge not Junior. They feel the rise, success, okay. And from the coaching staff now spark is: professionals can see that nothing is accidental. Such is the main result of the season.

– I was rewarding. However, few smiles. Children and adolescents seem to be overextended.

I’ll try to answer. I have three adult children and five grandchildren. And I wish them such success as these guys. Now, the granddaughter is already playing, and she is only 7 years old. But I can’t even figure out what Golf as a sport can damage a person. No! Well, it’s not combat, of course. But not all types must be a struggle. As for perenapryazhenie, I have long noticed that our fellow citizens sometimes do not enjoy the game (what else), or performance on stage, and “work out room” and fight, go through the torment. It today as for some of our teams. But I’m sure with our young golfers, things are different. It tormentilla, intelligent game with its own traditions, rules of etiquette. And the kids will have his best period of life. I promise. Our dream team will show.

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