Russian scientists have identified the monster, thrown by the hurricane on the Texas coast

An unusual creature resembling a monster from the movie “Tremors”, washed up on the Texas shore of the Atlantic ocean. It was discovered after the storm “Harvey” local biologist Preeti Desai and posted pictures of “strange animal with wrinkled skin and without eyes.” However, Russian scientists pictures are not confused, they quickly identified the usual conger eel.


A dead creature of unknown species was found on the beach in Texas city. Made a discovery biologist immediately made the assumption that a marine animal was a victim of the hurricane “Harvey” raging on the coast, but to identify it, it failed and appealed to all visitors to your page on the social network. Internet users do not have to wait long: then called him a “monster”, “huge toothy worm” from the TV series “Tremors”. Some have connected him with the Loch Ness monster, and other — a gift from aliens.

As reported by “MK” in the laboratory in the Atlantic basin all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography, its staff failed only to determine the form of “monsters” as possible for photos and videos. According to ichthyologists, was found on the Texas shore animal very reminiscent of the deep-sea eel. He lives in different seas at depths of up to 3 kilometers. Scientists have identified it sent to the us instance on the corresponding body length, lateral fins and teeth. The eel has eyes. But on the pictures they’ll likely just not visible because the animal is lying on his back. Killed it, judging by the eaten by parasites to the tail, in the ocean, and a hurricane had just thrown on the shore.

Watch the video on:
“”A huge tail, terrible teeth”: a hurricane in Texas generated dead monster”


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