“Russia’s permanent representative to the UN called for to solve the Korean issue through diplomatic way

– Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia said the situation on the Korean Peninsula a “vicious circle” from which there is only one way out – political-diplomatic.

“Unfortunately, we are in a vicious circle from which they cannot escape. For the next test, the next sanctions resolution. The sanctions resolution is another test. We have stressed, and stress will continue to emphasize that there is no exit from the North Korean crisis, but political and diplomatic, not there,” he told reporters after closed consultations of the UN security Council on DPRK.

Nebesa said that “a military solution is unacceptable.” “It is understood by the Americans. And I hope, understand that the American authorities”, – he said.

“We talked a lot (in consultations – if) that we went to this vicious circle from which you want to escape and think outside the box, unconventional, non-linear.”

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