“School of modern drama” opened the season on the site itself

Moscow theater “School of modern drama” continues to wander the capital. Your 29 season he will play in the next house of culture Presnensky shaft house 27-19, completely rebuilt and turned into a real theater. But the opening of the season nomadic theatre, as it now calls itself a traveling group shsp, decided to stay in the yard of the house on Trubnaya square, where in full swing the construction and restoration of the historic theater building.

photo: courtesy of the press service of the theater

Crane, cabins, scurrying workers in hard hats, shouting, “Hey, Serge… so… your rastak” – the atmosphere of the company Assembly, the most that neither is creative. Folk artists Alexander Galibin, Vladimir Kachan, Elena Sanaeva, Tatiana Vedeneeva, Vladimir Shulga, and their honored colleagues and actors of the younger generation prudently placed around the yard, crowd builders. Jazz music pianist Levon Oganezov and saxophonist Vladimir Ostrikov – rehearse the play “While filled with beer”, which this day have to play on the stage of the Mayakovsky theater. Alas, in the new temporary premises, though, and masterfully redesigned in the theater, not all performances of the repertoire of “fit.” Thanks to colleagues offering their platform the nomadic counterpart. Around – the banners: “All allowed”, “We are playing at the Presnensky shaft, 29”. And: “ready to Build theaters under the key. Huge experience”. And indeed, School it is time to retrain in the construction organization for two full-fledged theatre from scratch they created in the capital. And they are all small – require their Neglinka.

Theatre artistic Director Joseph raihelgauz, together with the Minister of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky wearing helmets and accompanied by actors and journalists go into the bowels of the restored monument of culture. Return the joyful – the work goes on. And then comes the crucial moment: to the microphone cause the head of “Revival”, which conducts construction work at the facility. Cheerful under pressure from the public and the watchful gaze of his superiors Builder gives you the word: July 17, 2018, the restoration of the theater “School of modern play” on Neglinnaya street will be completed.

photo: courtesy of the press service of the theater

Joseph Raihelgauz talks about plans for the season: children’s play “the mouse-superbasic” directed by Oleg Valley, his own work – “Died-smumer, just to be healthy” on the basis of Jewish jokes, the play on the new play by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya in the production by Dmitry Brusnikina, the project with the participation of Anatoly Vasiliev, work on original theatrical composition, dedicated to the history of the House on the Pipe, which should be open the 30th anniversary season in a renovated mansion.

Everyone is so nice and cozy in this courtyard, Alexander Kibovsky, a glance says: “Finish the stage space! Nice here to do something theatrical.” “Still as good!”, – supports the idea Raihelgauz, for which the transformation to the theater even the most unsuitable areas, has become commonplace.

Actors, staff, journalists, builders, guests completed the celebration of a ritual eating of water-melons and melons: Sunny weather (say, in this day broken a temperature record for this period) contributes to the sense of celebration. The season of “school of modern plays” is opened. The theatre is waiting for its audience. While on the roof.

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