Sergei Yursky on the season: “the theatre is left debt”

Your 95th season opened the Theater. City Council, located in the garden with a cute and funny name “Aquarium”. Of the triumvirate that defines the artistic life of the theatre after the death of Paul Chomsky, there is only Sergei Yursky. Yuri Eremin is rehearsing (in the production of the play), Andrei Konchalovsky shoots in Italy “Sin” — a film about Michelangelo.

photo: courtesy of the theatre

His speech Jurassic begins with critical notes — Cyril Serebrennikov, the fate of which he takes an active part by clicking on the philosophical poems of Joseph Brodsky:

— Tonight I look out the window

and think about where we went?

And what we are more distant:

from Orthodoxy or Hellenism?

Similar to what we are? What lies ahead?

Might we expect now another era?

And if so, what is our duty?

And what should we the sacrifice?

Here are two important words: “duty” and “sacrifice,” goes to the Jurassic prose. — So congratulations, the discussion of the awards — who got, who has not received, and so on — have become the main way of existence of our theatre. Of it took the debt, and without this art, including the theater at all. But this is a serious conversation I would like to continue with those who want to participate in my play.

Yes, Sergey Yursky will stage a play Igor Vatsetis, even though everyone knows that it is his own nickname. Ekaterina Guseva (looks luxurious, turquoise dress).

Today it is an interesting day — the opening of the 95th season in the theatre, on the nose the first premiere — “the Idiot” by Dostoevsky, I have the role of Nastasya Filippovna, — says Katya.

— Only lady Macbeth to play. And as the summer is spent?

Eight days were at sea, and before that was shot in the Crimea. There was +40 and we wore coats, jackets — portrayed winter. The film is called “ALGERIA”, but this is not Algeria in North Africa, we are talking about Kazakhstan. A very serious topic. It is an acronym: the Akmolinsk camp for wives of traitors existed from 32-th to the 52 th year.

The 95th season of the theatre will be marked by classics. “The idiot” will play on September 30. By the way, directed by Yuri Yeremin’s not the first time referring to the work of Dostoevsky, has appointed two squads at all major role in turn with Ekaterina Guseva Nastasya Filippovna a is going to play Julia Hlynina, two Prince Myshkin — Anton Anosov, Dmitry Pogadaev, two Parfion Rogozhin and male Komlev and Vladimir Andrianov.

“Vassa Zheleznova” Valentina Talyzina in the title role begins to rehearse Sergey Vinogradov. Olga Ostroumova will play a major role in the play “travels with aunt”, which is based on the eponymous novel by Graham Greene begins to make Mikhail Levitin, Jr. New role Pavel Derevyanko — “the Magnanimous cuckold” puts Nina Chusova. Alexander Domogarov still debating the name with the Director Victor by Samedovym. Andrei Konchalovsky, obviously, after the filming of “Sin”, about the life of Michelangelo Buonarroti, will begin production of Shakespeare; the play is specified.

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