South Korea showed his teeth’s missile launches Seoul

Another surge occurred on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japan and fell into the Pacific ocean. Six minutes later South Korea as a retaliatory step was conducted testing two of its missiles.

The purpose of the North Korean launch, apparently, was to demonstrate that Pyongyang could hit U.S. bases on GUAM. Seoul, in turn, wanted to show that in this case, his missiles will fall on North Korean ground, which was used to run. In response to the provocations of the DPRK, South Korea continues to build up its military potential, although its President moon Jae In came to power in the way of the peacemaker.

As informs South Korean Agency Yonhap, on Friday, September 15, the DPRK launched the “unknown” missile with ranges outside of Pyongyang. She flew about 3700 km, including over Japanese territory and landed in the Pacific ocean. The Agency notes that it is 1000 km more than the previous missile launch from the ground. South Korean military believe that by doing this, Pyongyang wanted to show the ability of its warheads to reach U.S. bases in GUAM, away from the capital of the DPRK is approximately 3400 km.

For South Korea, such a move by the Northern neighbor was not a surprise, so she answered it for six minutes: from the site near the border with the DPRK launched two missiles Hyunmoo-2. One of them was unable to reach the destination, but the second did its job, flying about 250 miles and hitting a target in the sea of Japan. Such distance separates the location of the launch from the site near Pyongyang.

“Over the last six months, not counting large-scale exercises, about which wrote South Korea spent about 15 compatible and incompatible artillery exercises, air force exercises, missile launches, recalled in a conversation with “MK” leading researcher of the Center for Korean studies Institute of Far Eastern studies, Konstantin Asmolov. — If it did North Korea would be the hype, the discussion in the UN security Council and the loud arguments that the regime increases the tension. Although the activity of the southerners that they are issued for duty and self-defense and demonstrating readiness for a North Korean provocations, according to their effects is not much different from North Korean. So this missile launch is not something outstanding.

If we talk about the North Korean launch, everyone expected from Pyongyang tougher action. For example, the fact that they will shoot in the district of GUAM or at a distance of five thousand kilometers. So they raised the rates, but the minimum”.

South Korea, meanwhile, continues to arm. After a successful test of a North Korean Intercontinental ballistic missile in late July, Seoul asked Washington for permission for the development of longer-range missiles. In September the initiative was endorsed by the President of the United States Donald trump. He also declared readiness to sell South Korea a consignment of arms worth billions of dollars. And if in the beginning of his presidency moon Jae In refused to place the territory the U.S. missile defense system THAAD, but by August he resumed the negotiations on this issue. Apparently, the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula has forced the moon to abandon conciliatory gestures towards the Northern neighbor and plans on rapprochement with him.

“President moon tells a lot in different circumstances, the tone and tenor of his statements is quite varied depending on the situation and who and what he says. His last statements actually undermined the talk of peaceful dialogue”, — said Konstantin Asmolov.

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