“Spartak” wins in St. Petersburg, and Zenit will not score “Ufa”

“MK” continues the traditional categories, which not only announced the matches of the nearest round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), but given forecasts. Especially for you we have gathered all the useful information about upcoming games in one place: from statistics of personal meetings rivals to the quotations of bookmakers. I hope with our help you will be easier to understand in the pre-match scenario.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

September 15, Friday

“Arsenal” (Tula) — “Dynamo” (Moscow)

19.30 (hereinafter time Moscow). Tula. The Arsenal stadium (capacity 20 048)

Referee: Michael Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Trainers: Miodrag Božović / Yuri Kalitvintsev

The last meeting in Tula: 0:0

Total balance: +0=2-1, 4:5

Last 5 Arsenal games in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 6:8

The last 5 matches of Dynamo in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 4:5

Factors of bookmakers: 2,65–2,95–2,75

Losses: Kantemir Berkhamov, Gia Grigalava / Samba Owls

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: “Dinamo” is a very looked nice in the previous round in the match with “Zenit”, which was, perhaps, even closer to victory than the army. If it is white-blue will be able to play with a similar commitment, in Tula can count on three points. Prediction: 0:1

September 16, Saturday

CSKA (Moscow) — “Rostov” (Rostov-on-don)

16.30. Moscow. “VEB-arena” (30 000)

Referee: Vladimir Moskalev (Voronezh)

Head coach: Viktor Gancharenko / Leonid Kuchuk

The last meeting at the field club: 0:0

Total balance: +16=5-9, 47:27

The last 5 matches of CSKA in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 5:3

The last 5 matches of FC Rostov in the Premier League: +2=3-0, 7:3

Losses: – / –

Factors of bookmakers: 1,65–3,30–5,75

Stream: “Our football”

MK: After a fantastic victory in Lisbon over Benfica Viktor Gancharenko will be extremely difficult to set up a team to fight with “Rostov”. The owners, in turn, with high probability, will play from defense. Such introduction suggests that the match will be grassroots. Prediction: 0:0

“Anzhi” (Makhachkala) — “Krasnodar” (Krasnodar)

19.00. Kaspiysk. “Anji-Arena” (28 000)

Referee: Evgeny Turbin (Moscow)

Coaches: Vadim Skripchenko / Igor Shalimov

The last meeting in Kaspiysk: 0:0

Total balance: +2=6-7, 14:26

The last 5 matches of Anji in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 4:13

The last 5 matches of FC Krasnodar in Premier League: +3=2-0, 7:3

Losses: – / Mauricio Pereira, Stanislav Kritsuk, Tornike Okriashvili

Factors of bookmakers: 3,85–3,05–1,95

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

MK: With all the roughness of the game “Krasnodar” bulls pretty regularly fill up the club score points. Both teams like to control the ball, but the higher the skill of the performers Igor Shalimov allows you to name the obvious favorites is the hotel. Prediction: 0:2

September 17, Sunday

“SKA-Khabarovsk” (Khabarovsk) — “Ahmad” (Ivan)

11.00. Khabarovsk. Stadium. Lenin (15 200)

Referee: Alex Eskov (Moscow)

Coaches: Alexander Poddubskiy / Oleg Kononov

The last meeting in Khabarovsk: 2:1

Total balance: +3=1-0, 6:2

The last 5 matches of SKA in the Premier League: +1=4-0, 4:2

The last 5 matches of “Ahmad” in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 5:10

Losses: – / Ablie The Mbeng

Factors of bookmakers: 3,95–2,95–2,00

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: to Imagine that the game will be effective is quite difficult. Both opponents and score and concede quite a few, and the statistics of Grozny spoiled only away match “Zenith” — 0:4. It is probable goalless draw (ratio — 6.35 mm) and the victory of one of the teams with the minimum advantage (3,25), and careful players will enjoy a bet that the match will be scored less than 1 (0 or 1) ball (2,25). Prediction: 0:0

Tosno (Tosno) — “Spartak” (Moscow)

13.00. Saint-Petersburg. Stadium “Petrovsky” (21 750)

Referee: Vladimir Sandakov (Balashikha)

Trainers: Dmitry Parfenov / Massimo Carrera

The last meeting on the field of “Tosno”: –

The overall balance of meetings: +1=0-0, 1:1 (the Cup‑2013/2014)

The last 5 matches, winning in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 5:5

The last 5 matches of Spartak in the Premier League: +2=1-2, 7:6

Losses: – / Roman Zobnin, Ze Luis, Artem Timofeev

Factors of bookmakers: 4,70–3,15–1,75

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

MK: unlike SKA, the keys to the gates of which Spartacus was not able to pick up, “Tosno” football itself is played, and the opponents allows. This, of course, not Arsenal time of Dmitry Alenicheva, but the upcoming meeting, the fans are entitled to expect, if not outstanding, pleasant performance. Much will depend on implementation. In recent matches red-white consistently create an impressive amount of chances, but is beaten sometimes by even an empty net from close range. Prediction: 1:2

“Rubin” (Kazan) — “Ural” (Ekaterinburg)

16.30. Kazan. “Kazan-Arena” (45 105)

Referee: Sergey Karasev (Moscow)

Coach: Kurban Berdyev / Dmitry Parfenov

The last meeting in Kazan: 3:1

Total balance: +6=1-4, 15:9

The last 5 matches of “ruby” in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 9:3

Last 5 games for Ural in the Premier League: +0=4-1, 5:6

Losses: – / Vladimir Khozin, Edgar Manucharyan

Factors of bookmakers: 1,70–3,30–6,15

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: “ruby” adds from match to match, and defeat from “Spartaka” in last round hardly go astray from the chosen course, the team of Kurban Berdyev. But the “Ural” this season, churning out one draw after another, only twice in the previous nine rounds without having divided points with rivals. To win “bumblebee” in Kazan are unlikely to afford, but not to lose — completely. Prediction: 1:1

September 18, Monday

“Lokomotiv” (Moscow) — “Amkar” (Perm)

19.30. Moscow. Stadium “The Locomotive” (28 800)

Referee: Kirill Levnikov (Saint Petersburg)

Coach: Yuri Semin / Haji Hajiyev

The last meeting in Moscow: 3:3

Total balance: +12=9-7, 39:23

The last 5 matches of Lokomotiv in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 8:8

The last 5 matches of Amkar in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 2:3

Factors of bookmakers: 1,50–3,60–7,80

The Loss Of Vedran Corluka, Ari / Peor Ogude

Stream: “Our football”

MK: on the one hand, the opponents are on different poles of standings, on the other — both teams profess a rather cautious football. Most likely to win “Loco” enough for one ball, but whether the wards of Yurii Semin to score the team at least once? Prediction: 0:0

“Zenit” (St. Petersburg) — Ufa (Ufa)

20.00. Saint-Petersburg. Stadium “Central” (68 134)

Referee: Roman Galimov (Ulan-Ude)

Coaches: Roberto Mancini / Sergei Semak

The last meeting in Saint-Petersburg: 1:0

Total balance: +4=3-0, 7:2

The last 5 matches of “Zenit” in the Premier League: +2=3-0, 6:1

The last 5 matches “Ufa” in the Premier League: +0=2-3, 2:7

Losses: – / Denis Tumasyan

Factors of bookmakers: 1,25–4,60–9,55

Stream: “Match TV”

“MK”: And in this meeting it is not necessary to count on the goals. “Zenit” is undoubtedly stronger, but the fatigue after the Europa League and a complete lack of imagination in attack, as demonstrated Zenit in the last round in the match with “Dinamo”, give some chances perfectly familiar with opponent Sergei Semak to get to Ufa glasses. Prediction: 0:0


“Zenit” — 21. Lokomotiv — 20. “Krasnodar” — 18. CSKA, “Rostov” — for 16. Rubin — 14. “Ahmad” — 13. “Spartak” — 12. Ufa “Ural” — by 10. “Dynamo” — 9. “Tosno”, “Arsenal” — 8. SKA, Anji — 7. “Amkar” — 5.

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