Stop Poklonsky: nearly strangled a Teacher in the arms

In fact, we’re sitting in the theater, the theater of Vladimir Putin and Natalia Polonskaya. At first it was very fun, gave Comedy: Poklonskaya conducts seances, enlivening the bright image of Nicholas II, Emperor of all the Russias.

Unseen yet the film “Matilda” was under suspicion, Poklonskaya was clearly jealous of Kshesinskaia. Funny, isn’t it? Vaudeville, absurd, sitcom!

photo: Alex geldings

Then came Orthodox activists, as they call themselves. Pretty wild all the same autumn. One crashed into a cinema in the city of Yekaterinburg, fire. Then in St. Petersburg in the building of the Studio by Alexey Uchitel “Rock” threw Molotov cocktail. Now that’s just near the office lawyer Teacher Konstantin Dobrynin burned with Napalm two cars.

You still funny? Remember a classic: “the Decembrists awakened Herzen”. History repeats itself: the Kremlin woke Poklonsky, and that, in turn, awakened in the people “patriotism”. Yet in a very private people. But what’s next?

The second action of this play takes place in the drama genre. The fun ended as a reality show. “The guards brought more than 30 people, according to law enforcement officials — I can’t say. In the hall will be present at two police officers, security personnel, including plainclothes, including on the street. This is an unprecedented level of security”, — said the General Director of a network of cinemas Anton Alekseenko about the screening of “Matilda” in the far East.

That is Alexey Uchitel went almost to the edge of the earth, escaped from Ms. Polonskaya as far as possible, to at least show here what all have so much to say but are afraid to ask. As a result, we see the operation, if the hall is already infiltrated by terrorists.

Yesterday in Moscow “Matilda” also had to show, but cancelled for technical reasons. You know what it’s for technical reasons?

Thanks to the film about the king and the ballerina, the country gradually passes to a state of siege. Or military, you could say. Each theater now where will show “Matilda”, should be surrounded by a squad of Regardie (and do we have enough of Regardie at the cinemas?). If our country was the enemy, and now will be declared a General mobilization. So we embarked on the warpath.

And where is the state? It is sitting in the front row of the orchestra on the best places and still watching the play. The interval soon, gotta get to the buffet, and then a third final action, final. Already the genre of tragedy, of course. Because from Comedy to tragedy.

I do not want to call a person, especially a beautiful young woman mad. But I have to, because the situation in the country here can be quite unpredictable. A frantic need to communicate, in Soviet times, it is very well known. But that time has passed, now we have freedom, which is better than no freedom. Freedom, where everyone has the right to freedom of expression. The more “Patriotic”.

Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, used to say Leo Tolstoy. Refuge “lovers of power”, “fans of Nicholas Romanov”, “fans of Natalia Poklonskaya” — we will add. Patriotism is a love of neighbor that the middle stone on stone will remain.

Natalia Poklonskaya almost smothered in the arms of his “beloved” by Alexei Uchitel. Almost strangled his rival Matilda. And the whole country that laughs a nervous laugh on the verge of madness.

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“The witness said as the two jeep’s “burned in “Matilda””


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