“Suffers from diabetes, was in a coma”: details of the arrest of the Deputy head of the Federal penitentiary service Korshunova

Deputy Director FSIN of Russia Oleg Korshunov, who is accused of embezzlement in public procurement, was sent into custody. Basmanny court of Moscow on Thursday sanctioned the arrest of the official for two months. He denies guilt and said that honestly doing their work: “what I looking to do the impossible. All contracts are agreed in all subdivisions of the Federal penitentiary service”.

The main investigation Department of the TFR on 14 September indicted him. Therefore, the court he arrived at the status of the accused. 54-year-old Lieutenant-General Korshunova is charged with two crimes under article of the criminal code “Embezzlement in especially large size with use of office position”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

According to investigators, kites supervised contract service of the Federal penitentiary service, which ensured the procurement of goods for state needs. In 2015-2016, he and several associates concluded two state contract (for the supply of fuel and lubricants and food (sugar) at exorbitant prices. As a result, the FSIN has suffered damage totaling more than 160 million rubles.

Korshunov was head of financial-economic management of Federal service of execution of punishments in 2013, for the post of Deputy head was appointed in 2014.

When high-ranking dignitary was brought into a room, he told reporters that “everything is bad” and shook his head.

The civil wife of the accused Ekaterina Shestakova came to court in black trousers and a lilac blouse, the young woman hiding face behind sunglasses, from which tears flowed. She walked into the hall accompanied by a chaperone but Korshunov asked her to present and she immediately left the court before the beginning of the meeting.

In the process, the defendant stated that unmarried children under 18 years has not.

– While employed – said Korshunov. The officer was very calm. While his three attorneys spoke, he carefully read the case materials.

– I blame the fact that it is impossible to make, the official said. – All contracts are agreed in all subdivisions of the Federal penitentiary service. We have checked the TFR and the Prosecutor General’s office has not found violations in the public procurement of fuel. With respect to sugar, in 2016, were thwarted by the single state contract, in the colonies lacked sugar. We needed to quickly resolve this issue. The company that won the tender, violated a little time, but all deliveries executed, – said the accused. He noted that 25 years working in the banking sector.

The investigator was asked to arrest Korshunova.

– Involvement in the crime Korshunova confirmed by the testimony of witnesses, expert examinations, the results of operational-investigative activities and other, – said the investigator.

In turn, the Prosecutor supported the investigation.

– Ask to meet the petition of the investigation. Gathering of evidence is completed, there are investigative actions, kites, being at liberty, can affect witnesses, many of whom are his subordinates, – said the representative of the Supervisory authority.

The defense Korshunova protested. In particular, the lawyer Alexander Linnik said that demanding the arrest of the investigator has not presented real evidence against the Deputy head of the Federal penitentiary service and poorly argued their position.

– Oleg Adolfovich seized passport, he has an apartment in Moscow, why he may not be elected as house arrest? – said the lawyer. As an example he cited Serebrennikov, speaker and others.

Emphasized that kites is testifying and does not shy away from investigation.

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“The Deputy head of the FSIN kites, suspected of corruption, taken to the Basmanny court”


According to him, the accused suffers from diabetes, hypertension, recently had surgery on the stomach, the accident suffered a traumatic brain injury, was in a coma.

– Oleg Korshunov in need of medical supervision and diet. Please reject the investigation to choose a measure of restraint not involving imprisonment in the discretion of the court, concluded the defender.

The court came two white-haired Professor at the Federal penitentiary Stanislav Kuzmin and Yuri Antonyan. Older men sat on the first bench. Doctor of law wished to take under the personal guarantee Korshunova.

In his speech, the lawyer called her principal “another political story.” When the lawyer passed the papers sureties, she said, turning to the judge: “I Want to see your face when you see what kind of people are in the room. They are able to assess charges against him”.

Defender explained that was found in the house Korshunova 2 million rubles, not beyond his income.

His income per year is 4 million. It should be noted that before the accession to the position of the kites was a wealthy man, a long time successfully engaged in business, – the lawyer declared.

– How can I influence witnesses, while under house arrest, understand? I still can not communicate with witnesses – said Korshunov.

He said that on Thursday called the doctor because I was afraid of stomach bleeding.

– I removed the polyps, I have had a stomach ache from oatmeal, – complained the official.

In the end, the Basmanny court arrested Korshunova until November 13.

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