The advantage of being a writer

Several years ago I published a book “the Shadow of the House of writers”, which had the subtitle “a Textbook for writers.” Leafing through it today, so are you. I didn’t say it (directly, but the subtext is, of course, implied): none of the meteoric rise can not be compared with the ability of self-improvement in writing. Suppose you took in the service of hierarchy, a very high position. And then rose even higher. Still sooner or later will brake in the service increase (whichever marks is not reached). But the writers ‘ efforts to give a fantastic options of transition to a new quality: from story to novel, from novel to play, from the play — in essay, there is no limit to the discoveries of uncharted territory and travel: in Heaven, in hell inside himself and in psychology you are interested in the characters. While you are absolutely not dependent on the opinions of others, they may want you to promote or demote. You and only you are your own boss.

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Metaphor is the amphora (words and really in tune). The image of the amphora — exquisitely slender antique sublime — coincides with the meaning and essence of painting word.


Burlesque — a term suitable not only for the encyclopedia of art, but also for fishing: fishing line, taut as a string, — under the weight of klyunuvshey production, there is a breaker, which raises the fish when stretched to the surface, beating and doesn’t want to leave their native element…

The introduction and epilogue

Do not read prefaces and postscripts — until they have mastered the text, which is preceded by (or accompany) explanations. Very rarely the authors interpretations are smarter than the authors of the original source. The Preface can be confusing, and even turn away from noteworthy works. Get acquainted with the main array of prose, poetry, drama, and then compare (if you want) their own point of view with the opinion of “expert” and “traktowanie”.


There are so clear and precise that when they do not need to decrypt and to pound water in a mortar — for example, the recent acclaimed novel “the Mosque of Notre Dame”. You can immediately, without chewing, to understand what was going on mentally to build the storyline and even in General terms, to predict the final. It is unlikely you will stray from the plan, which is described by the author. But there are names of a different kind. Simple: “the Overcoat”, “Oblomov”, “War and peace”. Try installing, without engaging with the text, what they.

Two meanings

The word, in which you can put two accents (e.g., “write”), is not suitable for lofty use.


That is not true of the classics, all at random: “Fame a bright patch on the pathetic rags of a singer…” wow patch! A soul ready to sell (and sell!) for such a patch.


If you want to achieve immediate success go into politics, do politics, write about it. If you write about the indestructible eternal — wait forever while your attempts will appreciate and recognize.


You don’t need to compete and compete — need to follow own way, because you’re not like anyone (if not epigastric), that develop mine own talent, not try to usurp and take away someone else’s.

Advice for beginners

Esperate page letters is written, and when you get sick of it torrent, otvalivayas of the Desk and — with a sense completed (do not want to use bispenol the grandiloquent — “the mission”, therefore, prefer down to earth) meal — rest. Overtake another bout of famine, on the contrary, there is an appetite to work, then come back to the table and spill and not forcing yourself to dedicate time to improve the old stories.


Float easily and effortlessly with the flow of the story — and stumble on the barrier metal strength. Splashing, treading water, is run near and along it, not in forces to overcome. Involuntary thought: it’s the end of the journey? Have run out of energy? Yes, the most obvious to you: to come up with anything worthwhile you can’t. Brain gush is not. Not carve a single fertile spark.

But here — inexplicably — dal again razbegalis, the obstacle is removed itself apart walls of the riverbed close, prisons: the exit is open! It turns out it was a gateway. You stagnated, not in vain, and builds energy and opportunities. Along with the powerful stream rushes on.

Therefore: do not squeeze your brain dry!

Butterflies and spiders

The artist, revealing the truth, how long it is delayed, he hurries on to new insights. It is a way of pioneer. Such enthusiasts to stubbornly Wade through the taiga or perevarivat from flower to flower in search of new impulses of inspiration. This is the way of the snake or the butterfly.

Craftsman catches the open fickle wanderer fresh discovery and her long marking time, procrastinate, threshes, explores, develops, sucks all the juice and so in their own interests to the limit. This is the way of the spider.


Minor, adverse, non-global little facts: what happened to the editor of the first book of Andrei Voznesensky’s “Mosaic”? This editor, contrary to the prohibition of censorship, the liberty regained, and he slammed in the book the poem “the Cashier”, which was pasted on each of the copies already printed books. Editor, naturally, was fired. And then what? As has been his fate? Help him become a famous poet? Or forget about him? This editor has performed the feat in the name of poetry, put their lives on the altar of love for literature. Was rewarded for it?


About Nikolai Rubtsov say he predicted his own death in his poetry: “I will die in the Epiphany frosts”. And so it was. It strangled the mistress. Winter.

But I’ll ask a different question: who pushed, forced to write this?

Expensive egg

The story of Jack London’s “a Thousand dozen” could not be more accurately illustrates and confirms the accuracy of the saying “you can’t put all your eggs in one basket” and the correct idiom “Not worth a damn”. Let me remind you: in this story talking about how dim the clerk was lucky the miners, chicken eggs, hoping to cash in on this Dim… this man in the process Titanic adventure changed, became Superman. But at the end of the story and still remember the Russian folk tale about a Golden egg, which the mouse whisked his tail. Nothing happened! The character is at the peak of their imaginary success failed and got into a loop.


Journalistic, citizenship of the poetry of Vladimir Vysotsky expressed primarily in the songs of military subjects. It’s natural. But as far as domestic (i.e. the most undervalued) topics and forms… Vysotsky denounces anti-Semites, those who like to read other people’s letters and… raspustila rumors: “did You hear Mamykina removed, for debauchery, for drunkenness, for disorderly…”, “Your neighbor take away, the villain because he looks like Beria!”. Something in this denunciation is small (with all the facetiousness), unworthy of great talent, which the poet is endowed with. Don’t read sarcastic, antics, typical of his ernichanya, not felt metaphorically critical of social background — such as in “Morning exercises”: “Not afraid of bad news — we are running away from them on the spot.” Hardly excusable to attack deprived of the truth people.


Never wondered (and today he is in touch with actualization of the topic of same-sex love arises): why the French Queen gave to her favorite English ladies pendants around which develops the plot of “the Three Musketeers”? Why would a man women’s jewelry?

Handsome King Kong

Watching the movie “king Kong”, it’s hard to help myself and although I know huge monkey mechanical, artificially constructed, physically feel unbearable animal stench that emanates from the monster. What is a slender beauty-the blonde to be near the stinking carcasses, the range of its putrid breath?

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