The city goes to sleep, wakes up the mafia: the judges won Golovkin, giving Alvarez a draw

Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez finally met in the ring. As we waited, how it was waiting for the boxers? Bravo to the athletes – they have fully justified all the hopes which they are assigned. Here are the results of 12 rounds, we are doomed to discuss the next judicial scandal, a real robbery in weekend Las Vegas. In full advantage of GGG when doubt no longer remained, the referee still counted the draw…

photo: AP

Golovkin and Alvarez showed a steep battle. Head Gennady from the first to the last round finally removed my doubts about how good he is a boxer. Test called Canelo he was perfectly well.

I would like to see a little of the other Soulja – he got well, moved and defended himself, but was always a sense of understatement. Even when charged with single strokes, he switched to combination.

The lack of a plan B – the main problem Alvarez. It contrdance not shocked Golovkin, and when this weapon didn’t work, to change something he could not. If he added to this the Mexican folly – it would be fun, but even in a hopeless situation forced Canelo to indulge in outright slaughter.

Towards the end of the match when Gene took the next rounds, I thought, what is a unique battle. He constantly keeps in suspense, you know what both fighters can complete it ahead of schedule right now, but you have no doubt who leads it.

Before the fight I realized that the judges in Las Vegas will not give the victory to the Kazakhstan sportsman. But while I was happy that this factor seemed to have evaporated – so confidently looked advantage of GGG.

The main argument in favor of this, I believed his emotions in favor of Canelo. I was rooting for the Mexican and wanted to see him triumph, but even in this scenario, I saw that he plays and he does it without question. “Keep in suspense” is cool, but not enough to win.

Therefore, when after 12 rounds, Alvarez had his hands up, I thought it was just a ritual.

All understand perfectly.

Announcement referee notes. 115:113 in favor of Golovkin, and then – as in the fog. Someone went crazy and counted the victory for Canelo 118:110, followed by the final verdict – 114:114. Draw.

All understand perfectly. But it’s different.

Judging by the face Canelo, it was a shame even to him. The incident is the unexpected result of a really cool fight.

Oscar De La Hoya as a promoter has done something unrealistic, setting up the audience for a rematch, but the judges … When once again raised the question of why Boxing is dying – will definitely remember this fight, who was able to revive the sport, but died in agony as a crime.

You can understand the victory to one side or the other when the battle is close. And accept. Here the fight close, but at the same time, in terms of unilateral initiatives and benefits. And that is what is highway robbery.

Now with the official result of the confrontation Canelo – GGG need to sleep. Las Vegas, Mexico, Kazakhstan and others.

The city goes to sleep. Wakes up the mafia. Already made a mess.

“MK” conducted live online broadcast of the fight Gennady Golovkin – Saul Alvarez.

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