The coal business, or a Gift to another man’s wife on 310 million

“Without papers, you’re a bug, and a piece of paper – people,” – says the proverb. About how quarreled two comrades – ugledobytchiki Alexander Schukin and Moscow businessman Ruslan Rostovtsev, who seems to have become rich thanks Shukin, now gossiped the whole Kuzbass. As informs “the Russian newspaper”, it all started with the loan: “in October 2008 Shchukin provided Rostovtseva loan for 310 million rubles for the redemption of 50% of the company “Merkur Marketing S. A.” – the owner of the mines.” Ruslan Rostovtsev said that the money was a gift from his wife, and, most surprisingly, the court admitted it, even despite the fact that the payment it was stated that the loan at 14% per annum. And money itself, as suggested by Shchukin, was used to capture his own assets.

photo: Press service of the Savelovsky district court

“Since the mid 2000-ies of Shchukin and Rostovtsev had a General business, being an equal co-owners of the mine “kyrgyzskoy” and section “novokazansky”, and then their subsidiaries – colliery administrations “Taldinskaya-Kyrgyzskoe” and “Taldinskaya-Yuzhnaya”. And above all this, the continued publication, was the company “Merkur Marketing S. A”, registered in Cyprus. They both businessmen was also 50 percent.

Only Shchukin bought them on their own, and Rostovtsev – borrowed. And the money took a slap in the face. In October 2008 Rostovtsev received from the partner loan in the same 310 million rubles. As writes “the Russian newspaper”, “in the payment order N 3623 dated 3 October 2008 it was stated that the funds provided under the loan agreement dated 02.10.2008 N 001”. One problem. Alexander Shchukin loan agreement lost. Myself it’s no big businessman, who is in the Forbes list of 195 place. A native of Kuzbass, he made his fortune on the fact that the redeemed unprofitable mines, invested in their modernization and led to the profit. Act companion he took one and filed a lawsuit in the Presnensky district court of Moscow. Taking into account accrued interest amount according to his calculations, amounted to 610 million rubles.

The court Shchukin presented as evidence a certificate from the Bank showing that such an agreement really existed, it was kept in a credit institution as long as it is not expired its shelf life. About the same was said and in the payment order, the Bank performed by turning the 310 million from the account Shchukin at the expense of Rostovtsev. The newspaper States that “judges Rostovtsev said that those 310 million rubles was not a loan, but a… gift to his wife from Shchukin. … The court believed this explanation and the claim was denied!” Although it is in the payment order is not even listed. And the argument went on increasing judicial circle in Russia and in Cyprus where a registered company Rostovtseva.

How to write Kuzbass mass-media, in December 2016, before Cyprus courts, such as the even blocked the disputed assets of enterprises, which, as writes “RG”, translated in its sole possession former partner Shchukin Rostovtsev. And in Russia, the decisions of the courts that were cancelled, it was confirmed, until the summer of this year, the Presidium of the Supreme court not overturned the denial of Shchukin in the recovery of the debt and has sent business on new consideration. A new hearing is scheduled for the end of September.

The problem is that to attend its meeting, Shchukin was not able. He himself, as indicated by “the Russian newspaper”, “in November 2016, was under house arrest on charges of extortion at the mine “Inskaya” in the Kemerovo region when he was arrested a number of senior officials.” So that Shchukin could not go outside of his apartment in the town of Krasnoobsk, the Novosibirsk under. Not what to fly to Moscow for trial. If suddenly this time Rostovtsev declare, for example, has received 310 million rubles from the Shchukin for the funeral of a beloved hamster, in the absence of the plaintiff Alexander Shchukin suddenly and this version too will find understanding, as the version with the “gift” to his wife at 14% per annum?

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