The cormorant has become a symbol of the stadium “Saint-Petersburg”

At stadium “Sankt-Petersburg” has an official symbol. To them, it is not difficult to guess, was the bird cormorant, until recently ruthlessly and thoughtlessly povrejdatee the roof of a new expensive arena


About the choice of mascot was told by the head of Department on public relations of FC “Zenit” Jeanne Dembo.

“Mascot in the form of a cormorant will work at the stadium on match days during the season,” said Dembo.

We will remind, in August the Vice-Governor of the Northern capital Igor Albin in interview to the edition “Sports day after day” said that the roof of the stadium “Saint Petersburg” supposedly pecking cormorants and so it flows. Message directly spawned many Internet memes, and the main character is the Central attacker a cormorant even started the “official” Twitter microblog.

Later ornithologists denied the suggestion of the official, and he urged not to treat said about the cormorants seriously. However, the funny version was already too popular and turned into an original and ironic PR stunt.

In October, the stadium will start working animator in the costume of a bird. The new mascot will help fans to navigate inside the arena: to be installed navigation signs-signs with their image of the cormorant. Now at stadium there is a special photo zone, where everyone can be photographed in the role of catcher cormorants.

The mascot of the St. Petersburg stadium will remain unchanged until at least the end of this football season, that is until the summer of 2018.

The bird will enter the ranks of the symbols of sports teams and activities, along with the mascot of the 2018 world Cup Zabivali a wolf, a Leopard, a White Bear, a Bunny, a Ray of light and Snowflake, the mascots of the Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi.

Have their fantasy, and sometimes live mascots many teams in team sports, not just football. Characters walk, travel, play sports and otherwise entertain themselves and entertain the audience. For example, recently mascots hockey Moscow “Dynamo” Wolf and Dinamic recently supported football team in the match with “Zenit” on the “Arena Khimki”.

The mascot of FC “Ural” bumblebee on the celebration of the airborne forces in this year made a parachute jump; and the talisman of the Kharkiv football club “Metalist” live ferret permanently lives at the zoo in a special enclosure called “Training base of FC “Metalist”.

Sometimes mascots retire. It happened with the mascot of the NBA Chicago bulls benny the Bull. He even wrote a farewell letter to his admirer, where he confessed his love to basketball, journalists and referees

Of course, who can forget the almost legendary characters of “Spartacus” and CSKA. Gladiator and the Fire Horse always greeted in the stands almost the first.

Apparently, soon it will be done and cormorant on “Zenit Arena”.

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