The driver of a Jaguar killed in the collision with the moose, was an employee of the Federal penitentiary service

The deadliest accident in the last four years with the participation of moose took to the track, called the suburban jaegers accident that occurred at the Minsk highway in the night of the 13th of September — here died young employee of the Federal penitentiary service.


As it became known “MK”, 24-year-old detective assault of the offices of senior Lieutenant Yevgeny Ryabchenkov, a resident of Smolensk, on the car “Jaguar” was going to work. About 3.00 the young man drove the 129th kilometer of the Minsk highway, and suddenly the road was elk. Animal (he’s approximately 3 years) weighed, according to experts, not less than 250 pounds. The moose ended up on the highway, using a “gap” in a series of bumpers. To see the grey moose in the dark was impossible.

After the collision, Eugene car tore down the separation barrier, flew into the oncoming lane where it landed in a ditch. The car rolled over several times, she hit the roof. The driver died instantly — he received opened cherepno-a brain trauma. The victim’s identity is established by identity document was found near the wrecked car.

Drop by drop the blood of an animal on the road, the huntsman found that after a collision with a car, the moose flew 30 meters. This means that the speed of the car was approaching 150 miles per hour. The beast also died. Within hours the carcass could not remove from the road, the need for special equipment. This section of the road, by the way, and poorly lit.

On the same day on 101-m kilometre of the Minsk highway, the driver also ran over a moose, the animal died. The driver escaped with a fright.

Rangers warn — since the end of August, the elk and deer mating season began (and will last until October). Therefore, drivers should pay attention to not equipped with bumpers tracks and follow the signs “Wild animals”.

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