The Federation Council has accused the US of meddling in elections on 10 September

USA interfered in the last elections in Russia on 10 September, financing of the opposition candidate in the heads of the regions, writes RBC with reference to the representatives of the Federation Council.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A similar statement was made head of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of Russia Andrey Klimov confirmed these words, and his colleagues.

According to Klimov, the impact on the Russian elections had not only the United States — were involved from several countries, but the US was the major player. Technology was supposed that the money to support one of the candidates for heads of regions were transferred through one of the countries of the Customs Union. “Money comes (in Russia — ed.) from a foreign organization from a country where there is no law on foreign agents” — said Klimov.

The Klimov added that the money came in the form of cash and in the form of “monetary surrogates” in the cryptocurrency.

The Senator said that Rosfinmonitoring confirmed to him the fact of shipment dollars in Kazakhstan, although in the Department to comment and refused.

Against the background of these statements Klimov headed the Commission already has proposed to prohibit the candidates to have as Trustees people with dual citizenship who were not able through them to promote the interests of his country. Such a proposal will be ready to speak to the Senator Oleg Morozov.

We will remind that on last September 10, the election success was achieved only opposition candidates in the municipal deputies in Moscow and Pskov region. In all regions, where elected governors, won the “United Russia”.

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