The miners decided to reform the Constitution of Russia

Miners from Gukovo of the Rostov region did not appear in the Federal news all the years that they are protesting at the nonpayment of salaries, but in the last month and then flashed in the media. First, they filed a lawsuit about hurt feelings and dignity against the head of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov, which naturally lost the court, and now was organized by the public movement “people’s unity”.

photo: Alex geldings

Despite the fact that the title refers to the ruling party, the miners set to her opposition and say that they intend to break “the monopoly on words.”

It all started with the fact that the miner retired Valery Dyakonov saw the video of the speech of the head of the poll on the channel “Rain”. Speech there went about the controversial statement host Vladimir Solovyov, in which he called the protesters “two percent shit.” The main expert on public opinion Fedorov noted in this regard that this substance, alas, not 2%, and as much as 15%.

Deacon said that he had quoted one of the miners, and they were outraged, having made the statement at his account and decided to go to court.

After that they even came to Moscow for the meeting, but lost. Then, after returning home, the miners invented a new form of the protest event is “walking”. From Hooke’s they went to Rostov to the Governor. Every day several people walk overcome part of the way, and the next day takes over the baton to another group. On the doorstep of the Governor to the payment of wages they expect to be within days.

In the Memorandum movement, in particular, says that the government stands up for the “elite” and fighting not with the causes of the protests and protesters themselves.

Also they write about the collapse of enterprises, the problems of small and medium business and the need for revision of privatization in General and on the reform of the Constitution.

Under the Memorandum also bears the signature of the head of the Center for political and economic reforms of Nikolay Mironov. It is associated with the miners from Gukova?

“We are monitoring social protests in the country. And, of course, trying not just to observe but also to help those whose problems are not solved — and this applies not only unpaid wages but also, for example, issues of farmers and many others, says about his part in the fate of the Rostov miners Mironov himself. — So we in 2016 help the miners and Hooke’s joint efforts have made the payment almost half of the debt — 310 million rubles. Work with the miners showed that success is possible and the protesters can achieve results, if they are United and not giving up. So, if you combine the efforts of different groups, it is possible to solve many social problems, not waiting until somebody will do that for us.”

According to Mironov, the roots of all social problems that the state does not fulfill its obligations and fails to protect the people, but instead stands on the side of owners of enterprises, influential figures, or just idle.

“So we’re not just talking about the resolution of a particular local conflicts, but also about reforming our entire political system with the aim of recreating the present legal and social state,” he said.

The protests of the miners — a phrase with a large associative load, remember 1989-1990, when the Donbass miners strike actually preceded the collapse of the country, becoming the first public mass protest. However, now on strike, the miners can’t mine and so most of them are not working.

On the question of whether they are not afraid of what will be used for partisan political purposes, deacons, answers in the negative. He said that protesting miners do not act nor under whose flag and though he is the first Secretary of the city Committee of the Communist party, but believes the politicization of the protest wrong, for that he was offended in the party.

“We will not allow the movement of anyone from politics, said the deacons. The unions have sold and need to move for professional protection of workers, which many across the country.”

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