The Ministry of Finance proposed to increase the term of the insurance policy to three years

New changes to the system of insurance of car owners expect in the near future. Buy a policy every year is not required. But for the penalty that you can recover from insurance companies, officials will register the ceiling.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The Finance Ministry has drafted extensive amendments to the law on CTP. The main innovation will affect amounts that can be insured under auto insurance. Now it is 400 thousand rubles for the car and 500 thousand for the life and health of the victim in the accident. If the amendments are approved, the drivers will be several new options. They will be able to buy a policy with insurance amount of a million or two million rubles.

The second innovation — increased the term of the policy. If now buy it every year, with the new rules your insurance company immediately for three years. Another important amendment is designed for those who gently leads. By agreement with the insurer, the motorist will be able to use various telematics gadgets that will record the nature of the driving. These data will be used for calculation of discount points. Thus the history of each driver’s insurance company will begin to consider otherwise. Now it resets with every purchase of a new car. Under the amended rules, all previous merits of the vehicle owner — no accidents, administrative violations or, conversely, the presence of multiple traffic fines — will be taken into account when calculating the cost of the policy.

Finally, another change relates to cases of delayed payment of the insurance or repair of the damaged car. For each day of such delay for the insurance company will set the fixed penalty rate — 200 rubles. However, even if the firm will delay the transfer of money to the victim over the years, to enrich the poor will not succeed. The maximum amount that will be able to recover from greedy insurer will cost 10 thousand rubles. As the officials note in the explanatory note, the size of financial sanctions is the maximum administrative penalty for violation of terms of consideration of references of citizens.

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