The national team of Russia on football has updated the record in the FIFA rankings

The international football Federation (FIFA) has published an updated ranking of the best national teams in the world. For fans of Russian national team there is no good news: wards Stanislaus cherchesova continue to fall in this list and set a new record. Plus this month there was a change of leader.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Team Russia last month took 62 th place in the FIFA rankings, but after updating it dropped two places and now sits in 64th position. Note that this is a record low in the history of the national team.

The decline of Russians began in November 2016, when I reinstalled the previous record (in 1998 the team took the 40th place). Over time, the wards of cherchesova have reached the 63-th line, which was in June.

This is explained by the fact that the team ahead of the 2018 world Cup holds only friendly matches, while others to get the world championship – official, and this affects the rating.

As for the other changes, it is necessary to pay attention to the top 10. As reported on the official website of FIFA, Germany ousted Brazil from the first place. Portugal jumped as much as 3 lines, Belgium – 4. This place lost Argentina, Poland and Switzerland.

Fully top ten ranking is as follows:

1) Germany – 1606 points

2) Brazil – 1590

3) Portugal – 1386

4) Argentina – 1325

5) Belgium – 1265

6) Poland – 1250

7) Switzerland – 1210

8) France – 1208

9) Chile – 1195

10) Colombia – 1191

64) Russia – 558

65) Guinea – 554

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