The Russians photographed the “eye of the Sahara” from space

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryazanskiy from the ISS photographed by an amazing geological formation in the Sahara desert located in Mauritania. From this huge space in the size of the object’s eyes.


We are talking about an object with a diameter of 50 kilometers in the West-Central part of Mauritania, which is called the structure Rishat, a more common name – “eye of the Sahara”.

“This stunning picture made astronaut Sergei Ryazansky”, – stated in the message of Roscosmos, who posted the photo.

In the Sahara desert in West-Central Mauritania is a unique geological formation, which due to its scale clearly visible even from space – a diameter of about 50 km. It is called the Eye of Sahara or richat structure. This stunning picture made astronaut Sergei Ryazansky (@sergeyiss). . . The Richat Structure, or as some say, eye of the Sahara, is a deeply eroded and a slightly elliptical formation in the Sahara desert, west–central Mauritania. The whole structure is approximately 50 km wide, that’s why it is easy to see even from the space. Picture was taken by Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy (@sergeyiss). #Roscosmos #space #ISS #planet #earth #desert #sugar #richat #eyes #Africa #cosmos #space #planet #earth #iss #richat #sahara #desert #eye #africa #roscosmos #roscosmosofficial

Publication of the Federal space Agency // Roscosmos (@roscosmosofficial) Sep 14 2017 11:14 PDT

Structure richat (Guell-Aire richat) has long served as a landmark for astronauts in orbit, as was a well-visible object in the vast expanse of a uniform surface of the desert. It is believed that richat formed 500-600 million years ago. The basic version – annular structure is a consequence of soil erosion in the uplift of the earth’s crust.

While on Board the ISS, cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky also made stunning images of deserts of Iran…

#Useritems: amazing “marble” patterns of Iran. // #EarthShapes: amazing “marble” #Iran. #Iran #ISS #space #space #natgeo #natgeoru #iss #instagram

Publication from Sergey Ryazanskiy (@sergeyiss) Sep 13 2017 at 3:33 PDT

And lighted by the billions of lights of the Nile.

#Nile from ancient times plays an important role in the life of Egypt. In the valley of the river there are many cities, so at night, in the light of their fires, one of the greatest rivers in the world (more than 6,500 km) looks especially beautiful. // The #Nile has played an important role in #Egypt since ancient times. There are many cities in the valley of the river. The length of the Nile is more than 6500 kilometers. #ISS #space #space #natgeo #natgeoru #iss #instagram #instagramrussia

Publication from Sergey Ryazanskiy (@sergeyiss) Sep 15 2017 2:16 PDT

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