“This is not the first film about Kschessinska” why fell the show “Matilda”

A few days ago in the Billboard capital of the cinema of Gosfilmofond of the Russian Federation there is information about the screening of the film “Matilda”. It seems that nobody realized what picture it is. Only experienced critics immediately booked their tickets to pre-premiere screening of the infamous tape by Alexei Uchitel.

photo: still from the film

September 11, when the show was to be held, announced that for technical reasons the session is cancelled. I had to call the ticket office for clarification. An employee of the cinema commented: “the Show will not be because of problems with the copy of the film”. And the money can be returned, or to wait for the next show and also previews. And all this against the background of the news of the burning of the property of the lawyer defending the interests of Alexey Uchitel, reports that the Director is in Vladivostok at the festival “Pacific Meridian” where he is accompanied by security.

Why did this pre-premiere? One can only assume that the picture before the “Oscar” of the race, need therapy. Such a rule of the American Academy. The film can not be nominated if he has problems with the rental rates. Here we have arranged constantly a strange session on the eve of nomination for the award “Oscar” as normal rental there. October 2 is the deadline for applications from the authors of the films nominated for the award in the category “Best foreign language film”. Russia has not yet decided. Among the possible candidates called the film “Anna Karenina. The story of Vronsky’s” by Karen Shakhnazarov, “Arrhythmia” by Boris Khlebnikov, “Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev, “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel, “Distress” Cantemir Balogova and others.

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We speak with historian movie Eugene Margalita about whether in the history of film examples like the hype surrounding the “Matilda”.

– Does your memory the painting, whose appearance was accompanied with such insanity?

– Anything similar was not. Excitement broke out after the prohibition of “Andrei Rublev” by Tarkovsky, paintings of great power and inner freedom. It is a well known story. Then the system could not understand what was going on, but vaguely felt something. Remember the trial of the author of the picture where it shows Jesus in a gas mask. The artist was accused of blasphemy. Now chose at random the picture. The main thing that was around then the noise. Weakened body, deprived of the immune system begins to react to any random virus and fight it with redoubled strength. Remember “Check on roads” German, which as treats showed at “Lenfilm” Moscow guests on to discuss the history of the Soviet cinema. But it is also a very different story — treat forbidden fruit.

– There have been other pictures about Kshesinskaya.

– The “star of Empire”, for example. And the first film about Kschessinska “Soloist of his Majesty” Michael Werner filmed in 1927. We Gosfilmofond preserved piece, almost a minute. It’s about how ugly Kschessinska bring some girl to death.

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