“Where was Obama during the hurricane?”: Trump against two elements

14 September was indeed a day of storms natural, political and nuclear missile. First — the conscience unmanaged “Irma”, and the second on the conscience of not less than unmanaged, U.S. President Donald trump, and the third dishonesty of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN, which launched an Intercontinental missile that flew over Japan and splashed down at its borders.

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The day of the hurricane began in the air liner, air force 1, which trump flew to Florida to “heal” the wounds of the victims “Irma”. When the plane was somewhere between Washington and Florida, took place the phenomenon of trump’s people, that is the White house press that accompanied it. The President again recalled the tragic events in Charlottesville. He reiterated that the violence was on both sides and not only from so close to him neo-Nazis and the ku Klux Klan.

Florida trump gone soft. He felt the familiar elements, this time not a hurricane, and poliorgannaya. Wearing rubber gloves, he began to hand out sandwiches to the victims of “Irma”. In this he diligently helped the first lady Melania and Vice President of the Penny.

Florida are unable to give Trump a decent appointment. Exhausted by heat, lack of water, gasoline and electricity, the residents of this once magical state literally swayed on his feet. The state government fawned belogolovsky by Khlestakov, trying to justify their slowness. Nursing homes and clinics continued to suffer patients. Many of them survived the Holocaust, but the hurricane Florida is literally killing them.

Trump arrived at the presidential helicopter in Florida Naples. The coast of Naples — the multimillion-dollar villas of the wealthy and mobile homes of the poor — were equally frayed “Irma”. One of the inverted campers trump was delayed and started giving people food. Before that, in nearby Fort Myers inquired about the progress of the operation to restore the damage. It was trump’s third visit in the Wake of the hurricane “Harvey” and “Irma”.

— We’ll visit some of the victims and try to make them happy, — said trump.

People living in houses on wheels, oddly enough, make up the bulk of the electorate trump. The President was pleased with the huge crowd that met him. On storm-battered homes were pasted banners and slogans of welcome.

Someone from the crowd asked:

— Where was Obama during the last hurricane? On the court for the game of Golf.

Trump lingered near him and asked for whom he voted in the last presidential election. People from the crowd ecstatic exclaimed:

— Of course, for you!

And it was the best vote in your life! — smiled the President.

Was delighted and affected by “Irma” Kathy rice:

President Pat my dog! proudly announced to her neighbors.

Trump gave them sandwiches, pork, roast beef, bananas and bottled water. He praised Madame rice for the jacket that was on top of her. On the jacket it reads: “Bikers for trump”.

Yeah, bikers like me! — said trump, patting on the shoulder, Mrs. rice.

The bikers will always be with you wherever you go! answered rice.

The tramp bent down and patted her dog — a three year old Chihuahua…

Insatiable “Irma” has claimed the lives of 34 people in Florida, 6 in South Carolina and Georgia and another 38 in the Caribbean. For the homeless in Florida has opened 600 shelters. Trump said: “We are faced with two massive storms, the likes of which our country is not known. One was the exceptional amount of water and the other by the force of the wind.”

Yes, this is not a Chihuahua…

Political storm and walked on Minister of justice Jeff Seshns. To poison his trump started from the month of may, when I found out that appointment of a special Prosecutor to investigate the ties between members of his election campaign and Russia. Trump called and Roman sessions on the carpet of the Oval office of the White house and demanded his resignation.

Turning pale as a sheet, sessions said he will do so. The people present at this “conversation”, remember, trump insulted the public Prosecutor, called him “an idiot”.

To 14 September this was known only to very narrow circle of initiates. But finally trompowsky antipathy burst forth like a hurricane “Harvey” or “Irma”. Trump did not accept the resignation and Roman sessions. The advisers managed to convince the President that the resignation will create a new, even more complex problems like resignation of FBI Director Komi Republic.

In one of his tweets, trump called and Roman sessions “weak”. (In the verbal Arsenal of the President, this word means the most damning criticism). In Washington have expressed surprise: how is “idiot” and “dweeb” is still sitting in his chair? And Roman sessions attempt to ruin Obama decree on the protection of immigrant children encountered unexpectedly popped up iceberg. On the morning of 14 September, trump said about the need to protect the people who ended up in America is “not their fault”.

They say that you learn from mistakes. But trump’s error, apparently, do not teach anything. The hurricane that shook America, did not change his negative attitude to the problems of curbing nature. He did not change his decision on the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

And finally, a nuclear missile hurricane. It raised no trump, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN. 14 September to its highest command was launched Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which, flying 2,300 miles, reached the Japanese island of Hokkaido and plunged into its coastal waters.

Here consider this test as a direct challenge to the US and China, which a few days ago along with 13 other members of the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on stricter sanctions against North Korea.

But if the UN security Council believed that this resolution would force Pyongyang to “change their mind”, he clearly miscalculated.

Although the rocket was not aimed at GUAM (where a US military base), as “promised” Kim, her range made tremble “sacred cow”. The test conducted by Kim on September 14, was to demonstrate and demonstrated that GUAM is vulnerable, even for North Korean medium-range missiles.

In Washington the end of the day, when it became known about the missile test by Pyongyang. In the situation room of the White house was going to “head” to discuss the situation.

Neither America nor Japan has made no effort to shoot down the North Korean missile as it was not aimed at them.

We believe the launch of the Pyongyang missile sanctions, adopted unanimously by the UN security Council. The test also showed that Pyongyang is very close to installing nuclear warheads on Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). In intelligence circles in Washington believe that North Korea would enter into talks with the US only after its ICBMs with nuclear warheads can hit the us territory. A rocket launched on Thursday, was to demonstrate the ability of Kim.

As before, Pyongyang launched its rocket and with a political purpose. The fact that next week in new York will meet trump with the South Korean President, moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Assistants trump believe that there is a possibility of pre-emptive strike to halt North Korean tests. However, in their opinion, it could jeopardize the lives of tens of millions of Americans, the Japanese and the South Koreans.

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has tried to involve in this complicated game of China and Russia, stating that Moscow and Beijing should come up with strong condemnation of actions of Pyongyang and stop helping North Korea.

Friday, September 15, the UN security Council will hold “urgent consultations” at the request of the US and Japan.

Missile test carried out by North Korea – it is already the 15th this year. On the eve of the North Korean authorities stated that the US “needs to be beaten to death like a mad dog,” and their ally Japan “sunk into the sea.” As stated spouksmen the North Korean Committee for peace(!): “Now is the time to destroy the American imperialist aggressors. Let’s turn the USA into dust and hopeless darkness”.

Yes, this is not the dog Chihuahua…

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