“Zenit” underclass “Vardar” in the Europa League. Online stream

Late in the evening of 14 September was the last match involving Russian clubs in the Eurocups this week. The leader of the Premier League, “Zenit” played against the champion of Macedonia and horror CSKA Moscow “Vardara”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

– The St. Petersburg “Zenith” played the first match in the group stage of the Europa League. The champion of Macedonia there was virtually no chance even for a draw. However, on the goal of the Macedonians is not enough. Team Mancini takes the first three points in the group. In a parallel match, by the way, real Sociedad has also defeated his rival is Rosenborg. 4:0 an account there. That’s really really dostoinii opponent for “Zenit”.

90+3′ All. The match is over. It is the defeat of the opponent!

90+2′ another Shot from outside the penalty area on goal “Zenith”. The ball came into the hands of Lunev.

90+1′ Three minutes added to the match.

89′ COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Rigoni! Here and 5:0. Rigoni received a pass from Noboa, knock the defender and gracefully shot under him, and under the goalkeeper. The ball in the goal. By the way, before scoring the film. But the shot did not count for offside.

87′ the film! Again they shot wide Artem. Cross, and Dzagoev has punched in centimetres from the left bar.

86′ Another shot from the “FK Vardar”. This time a corner led to a header on the Macedonians. The ball came into his hands he again.

82′ And replacement. Last. Zhirkov came out. Left Mevla. Before that, there was another shot Lunev. Again in the hands of Andrew, the ball flew.

78′ Penultimate replacement in Petrograd. Ivanovic is gone. Came Terentyev.

75′ Oh, what a blow out! A powerful shot from outside the box. On goal “Zenith”. But the ball went just over the crossbar.

70′ Blazevski went “FK Vardar”. Out The Italian.

67′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 4:0, -! The shot hit the far goal Gajewski. The goalkeeper parried the ball in front of him, and Branislav the decline sent the ball into the net.

64′ Meanwhile, Kokorin replaced Mancini. Came Rigoni. And the “FK Vardar” left Grigorov. And went Musliu.

63′ the Snake fell on the right flank of the attack. Hurt did Dmitry.

60′ the film! Could the second to score. But a cross from Artem Ivanovich tried to score with a diving leg a few meters from the gate. But just don’t have time to reach the ball…

57′, Gigauri got the yellow. For very rough play against criscito.

53′ the cross into the penalty area “FK Vardar”. But there was already Dziuba could not win the fight for the ball.

51′ Oh, some blows already inflicted on goal “Zenith” Macedonians. Luckily for us, all by. But anxiously at the gate Lunev. In the second half, “Zenith” while the other. As Vardar.

47′ Gigauri broke on the right edge of the penalty area, but he’s stopped Mammana. Rather, knocked the ball away for a corner. The filing of a corner led to a shot from outside the box but the ball came at the hands Lunev.

46′ the Second half started!

– This is a great game by the Russian club. Calm, confident. Three goals already scored. And I do not see the “FK Vardar” while forces in order to makedonci once opened the scoring Lunev. However, to underestimate the opponent is not worth it. At any time, a team from Skopje may organise sharp attack. In the meantime, Kokorin with a double, and Dzagoev with the first goal of the season.

45+2′ Halftime.

45+1′ Calm defending from Zenith. Substitute, Glisic just got shot in the leg Ivanovich, for example.

44′ Appeared on the field, Glisic is Brdarovski the “FK Vardar”. Got a defender injured at the moment with the covering of the headlights.

39′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Haha, my friends. And you know what happened? Dzyuba scored. The first goal of the season. And helped him Kokorin. So fortunate that Sasha brought to the gate defender is a bad move. Kokorin went one on one. But instead of a shot gave the ball to the left heel. There was one film that touch broke. The goalkeeper does not have time to cover the ball, and Kokorin got in the way. And that’s the historical event happened. Artem eternally grateful to his friend for the trust!

36′ Really calmed down the game. Macedonians depressed. But Zenit are holding the ball. And sometimes the defense.

30′ the Next moment could be generated at the gate Gajewski. But this time the defenders managed to get ahead of Dzyuba.

29′ the game is played Safely. Macedonians can’t figure out something worthwhile at the gate Lunev. And Zenit is in a hurry.

25′ Another cross into the penalty area of the hosts. There Dzyuba in touch beat. But the ball passed the goal Gajewski.

21′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Kokorin scored twice! A cross from the left flank, and Kokorin head locked her.

20′ Vardar all attacks. But class is not yet enough owners for a clear answer.

15′ Submission of Noboa from a corner, and Ivanovic to head the ball toward the right corner of the goal. By.

14′ Kokorin! Was able to score Alexander. Discount ball from Dzyuba and Kokorin struck in touch. But from the foot of the defender and the ball went out for a corner.

11′ Vardar periodically attack. But make them uneasy with the team Mancini in defense.

8′ That the Macedonians it was time to attack. A cross from the left, and Lunev in the fall covered the ball.

6′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Kokorin! Noboa took a corner on the left, and Alexander, freed from care, to head the ball into the near corner. The goalkeeper was powerless.

3′ the Filing of a corner, but also here protection “FK Vardar” was on top.

2′ a cross from the right from Kokorin on the film, but the defender “FK Vardar” knocked the ball away for a corner.

1′ let’s Go!

– The starting lineup of the teams.

Vardar: Gajewski Hambardzumyan, Brdarovski, Grncarov, Barsegyan, Velkovski, Gigauri, Gligorov, Nikolov, Felipe Blazevski.

Zenit: Lunev, Criscito, Ivanovic, Mevla, Mammana, Kuziaev, Kranewitter, Noboa, Kokorin, Dzyuba, Snake.

– Hello, dear fans of football. Only that “the locomotive” has started in the Europa League with a goalless draw against Copenhagen. It’s time to play Zenit in the Europa League group stage.

The Macedonian club are definitely still popular among Russian fans. It was he who in 2003 drove the army of the qualifying round of the Champions League (2:1; 1:1). Those matches are unlikely to want to recall someone from the fans of CSKA. So it was all hopeless.

This season, the Macedonians also managed to achieve a sensational result. From the Champions League, the team beat “Copenhagen” (which is playing “the locomotive”), but in the playoffs of the Europa League take the modest club, and beat the terrible Turkish “Fenerbahce” (2:0; 1:2).

Zenit arrived in Skopje without Oleg Shatov and Luis Paredes. Also was in St. Petersburg, Alexander Anyukov, Luis Neto and Ivan Novoseltsev. The game “white-blue” in the attack recently is not very happy. Two consecutive zero draw with “Rostov” and “Dynamo” – is not something for which hired, Driussi, Rigoni and company. It should be corrected in the competition.

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