Igor ashurbeyli revives Russian village

In the village of Hirino Shatkovsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region on September 16, the Day of the village took place a solemn opening of a memorial plaque installed on the wall of the temple of the beheading of John the Baptist in memory of the repressed priests.

The opening in the wall of the temple in Hirino plaque commemorating the priests who died during the repression

The Board was established on the initiative of a famous Russian scientist and philanthropist Igor ashurbeyli, the founder of holding “Society”.

In the opening ceremony of the memorial was attended by Metropolitan of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas, Bishop of Lyskovsky and lukoyanovskaya Silvanus, Director of the Arzamas instrument-making plant im. P. I. Plandin Oleg Lavrichev, administration RAYONA and other distinguished guests. They gathered to celebrate the annual feast of the village, which coincided with the 60th anniversary of the plant.

On the gray granite memorial plaque under the image of the Orthodox cross stamped names Snovedskoe father John and father Michael of the sign. At the time they were both abbots of the temple in honor of the beheading of the venerable head of John the Baptist in Hirino, restored by Igor ashurbeyli practically from the ruins four years ago.

Both the priest, like many priests in Russia at that time, became victims of Stalinist repression. Father John was arrested and sentenced to hard labor in a camp in the 1930s. During the transfer, he died of a heart attack. His successor as Abbot Kirenskogo of the Church, father Michael, seven years later, shot by the staff of the Gorky of the NKVD.

In the contest of folklore and crafts of the jury, headed by the beneficiary of the group of companies “the Society” Igor ashurbeyli, has chosen three winners

In 2017, the celebrated 80-year anniversary of the shooting of Michael sign. After his tragic death, the Church was closed and eventually fell into ruin. Only in our days, after decades of oblivion, also started Church services – after an extensive restoration work carried out thanks to the churchwarden of the temple of Igor ashurbeyli.

Note that the temple in honor of the beheading of the venerable head of John the Baptist in Hirino ‑ not only the Orthodox Church, restored thanks to the head of holding “Society”. In his time in Moscow Park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo workers discovered the Foundation of the white stone Church. Igor ashurbeyli took the decision to restore it. Today on that spot stands the Temple of the Holy Martyr Elizabeth in honor of Elizabeth Feodorovna Romanova.

Girinsky temple is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in Russia, comparable to the decoration of the capital. It was built 256 years ago by the great architect Vasily Bazhenov. After the revolution of 1917 the Cathedral was turned into a warehouse, and its destruction, no one interfered. To revive this unique monument of architecture of the second half of the eighteenth century were in no hurry. Only in 2011, Igor ashurbeyli established a Foundation of John the Baptist, who for three years the temple was restored in Hirino. In 2016, thanks to the efforts of Igor ashurbeyli, the temple has acquired a special Shrine out of the Vatican was brought the relics of John the Baptist.

With the restoration of the Church began and the revival of the village of Hirino. Holding “Society” realizes the project “Society of Settlement”, aimed at improving the quality of life in the village, creation of modern high-tech agriculture and new jobs. Within this large project started construction of roads in the village, club, library. Renovated administrative building, which housed a post office. Completed construction of the community center, which will house the village library, and a Museum, a medical center, and a spacious hall for meetings and creative evenings.

Traditionally, the annual Day in the village of Hirino, which this year was held for the fifth time, begins with a solemn morning Liturgy. This year it was conducted by Metropolitan of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas and Bishop Lyskovsky and lukoyanovskaya Silvanus. And on the Central square of the village turned holiday of folklore and crafts “the Voice of tradition”, organized by the group of companies “the Society”. This year the main event of the festival was the concert of Anastasia and Zachary Zavolokin of the popular project of the First channel “Play, an accordion!”

Craft fair in the framework of the “Voice of tradition” – the long-awaited event for the whole region. Because here the folk artists have a unique opportunity to Express themselves, to win grants of the holding and to improve the conditions of their labor. Under the terms of the grant, the winners talk about how they disposed of the prizes. It turns out that for many artists the festival became the springboard to a great future. Similarly, like many creative teams, who were able to Express themselves only because of the “Voice of tradition”, and has now reached the international level.

Elena Luchenkov, master ceramist and art teacher received a major grant from the festival “Voice of tradition” – 100 thousand rubles

This year’s jury, headed by founder and shareholder of group of companies “the Society” Igor ashurbeyli, selected three winners from more than 20 applicants. Among the best masters gathered in Hirino have been identified: a ceramist and art teacher Elena Luchenkov (awarded grant of 100 000 rubles), Woodcarver Leonid Khazov (grant 75 000) and the Lacemaker Olga Mamchur (grant 50 000). A special cash award of 50,000 rubles received by the children’s ensemble Lozhkarev “epics”. The awards were presented by the General Director of holding “Society” Ruslan ashurbeyli.

Out of competition, artisans, gathered in Hirino, presented to the guests of the festival with their creations and talked about the basics of the craft. With many guests eagerly participated in master classes in pottery, weaving, carving of wooden toys and have acquired a unique handmade products: boots, homespun items, Souvenirs made of clay, wood, ceramics and more. This year at the fair for the first time presented the products of “Society of Settlement” ‑ honey, butter and dairy products of own production Kirenskogo. Young farmers proudly offered to the participants of the feast to taste the delicious organic food that soon will be sold in a local shop.

Russian village developed in the last two years, the youth began to move to Hirino. Already built and fully furnished guest house are plans to build other houses in Hirino. To the question about the reasons for the return of answer:

– Here the native land, a heavenly place. And if you still work there, so there’s nothing better than to live and work where your roots are.

Author photo Alexander Omelyanchuk.

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