Russian experts have charged the phone from a distance of half a kilometer

In the suburban Queen did the experiment, in which experts managed using a laser “rifle” and ten special device to charge the battery of the mobile phone, transferring energy over a distance of about 1.5 kilometers. Reportedly, the specialists charge the phone such an unusual way for hours.


Equipped with a laser device was found on the sixth floor of the building, and the beam from it was sent to the target, located about 1 500 meters from that point. Catching laser beam, a small device “redirected” his energy in such a way that she loaded the phone battery, reports Now experts calculate, how high was the efficiency of the presented technology.

In the next step, experts plan to complicate the conditions of the experiment — a laser “rifle” will be installed on the flying drone and see if the beam to achieve the goal in such conditions.

In the even longer term development if it continues to prove its effectiveness, will be used for the International space station with a laser that you plan to install on Board, it would be possible to transfer energy on the transport spacecraft “Progress”, delivering to the ISS a variety of goods.

Six months ago, Ufa inventor Aidar Khairullin offered another “non-standard” way of charging smartphones and other devices. He developed a small device resembling a miniature grill and are able to convert thermal energy into electricity. To “grill” via USB you can connect need of charging the device, but the fire in him, thus, nothing prevents, for example, to warm up the tea. With the help of these devices you can power a mobile phone or flashlight, being in the woods and just collected a number of branches.

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