Shvydkoi staged a “battle” on the channel Culture: the audience against Purulent

Not so long ago took the rap battle (simply put — reading REP-match) between two iconic rap artists Oxxxymiron and Purulent. So Mikhail Shvydkoi on your show on TV channel “Culture” and invited among others the winner of the match — Viacheslav Karelin (Purulent), explaining that the battle looked on YouTube has 20 million people.

photo: screenshot from video

“The easiest way to say that rap battle is a form of literary bullying, which is irrelevant to the culture have not, — said Shvydkoi, but actually a rap battle have a long history: if you open the Comedy of Aristophanes “Frogs”, you will see the first duel between Euripides and Ashilla, and the fight is judged by Dionysus, who decides which of them to take away from the realm of the dead. The hassle is tough. In short, if we look at history, we find that the rap battle is a normal form not only literary, but also real life.”

However, before giving rappers the word, Shvydkoi has been warned that live “words with “x”, “b”, “p”, “e” and their derivatives are prohibited.”

Other viewers were quick to condemn Shvydkoi for the invitation to the “high channel” Purulent, forgetting, however, the main message of the rap to remove the art once the pathos and unnecessary pompous tinsel, which is the art just kills.

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