“Siluanov said the three main areas of budget spending for the 2018-2020

The social sphere, defence and support the national economy will be the main areas of expenditure of the Federal budget in 2018-2020, said the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“The bulk of the costs envisaged to focus on the social sector is 36,4%, defense – 29%. We execute plans for the procurement of arms and military equipment. The national economy is 14.7%. Here are the main three structural directions of expenses of the Federal budget,” said Siluanov at the meeting of the Russian trilateral Commission for regulating social-labour relations on Monday.

According to him, the General parameters of budget expenditures for the next two years increased in comparison with those that were stipulated in the law on the budget for 2017-2019 years, 300 billion rubles in 2018 and 200 billion in 2019.

The Minister stressed that all previous commitments is provided in the budget to implement. “The presidential Executive orders of may 2012 also provides for the full price next year”, – said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

“Incidentally, we support the subjects of the Russian Federation in relation to execution of decrees, because a significant portion of the load on the public sector wages especially, have on the subjects. In this context, regions are allocated in addition to standards support 100 billion rubles for the implementation of tasks on wages”, – said Siluanov.

Thus, according to him, about 30% increase of salaries to state employees in 2018 will fall on the shoulders of the Federal budget.

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