The guard, to intercede for the girls, cut off his ear in Moscow

Searching four attackers, who on Monday night massacre in Central Moscow, attacking three guards of the building of the Russian Union of rights holders engaged in the Metropolitan police. One of the guards, the aggressors cut off his ear, which he lost a lot of blood and is now between life and death.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As we found out “MK”, a shocking incident occurred on September 18 at about midnight at Archangel alley. Shortly before the two security supervisors — 41-year-old former employee of the Federal penitentiary service, the pensioner of the Ministry of interior affair and his 30-year-old colleague Eugene (both came from the Kursk region) — after the change went to the nearest café to celebrate the end of the day. For about 00.30 they came back in Arkhangelsky pereulok (as reported by the head of security, employees are not permitted to spend the night at the facility). On the road, the men heard screams from the Chistoprudny Boulevard, and coming closer, saw four young people similar to natives of the Caucasus, harassing two girls. Security guard reprimanded them. The answer was a few obscene phrases, and the thugs moved on patron girls. Started the brawl, the attackers pulled out knives. One of them stabbed the Roman in the stomach, and Eugene along with many cut wounds the villain cut off the left ear. From what I have seen the girls became hysterical and started screaming even louder. For help from a nearby building jumped another guard arrived, two passers-by. Seeing a “support group”, the criminals hurried escape.

According to eyewitnesses, the novel covered the wound with his hand and was conscious that Eugene was lying on the roadway and showed no signs of life nearby lay a severed ear. Both victims in serious condition the doctors brought in sklif, where they were assisted. Currently the novel is in the recovery room, and Eugene in intensive care in a coma. The doctors explained that the ear to sew was not possible.

Violence was recorded by surveillance cameras. Attackers to view up to 25 years, three with beards, dressed in jeans and jackets, the fourth — shaved head, classic costume. Police are trying to establish their identity and figure out the location.

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