“The Iranian President reminded the US about “high price” for exit from the agreement on the nuclear issue

– Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that Washington will pay a heavy price if the President of the United States Donald trump will come from the agreement on the nuclear issue between Tehran and the “six” of international mediators.

“Out of the agreement would involve high costs for the United States, and I don’t think Americans are willing to pay such a high price because they will not benefit,” said Rouhani in an interview with U.S. television channel CNN.

According to him, such actions of the administration trump “will not bring any results, the United States, but generally provide lower international confidence extended to the world the United States of America.”

Earlier on Monday, us Secretary of energy Rick Perry said that the IAEA must harder to monitor the implementation of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Meanwhile, European external action service (EBU) announced that on 20 September in new York will host a Ministerial meeting of the “six” international mediators and Iran on the implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan of action.

The meeting will be attended by the foreign Ministers of Britain, Germany, China, Russia, USA, France and Iran.

The Ministerial meeting, said in a communiqué, will be preceded by a meeting at the level of policydirector “six” and Iran on 19 September 2017 in new York under the chairmanship of the Secretary-General of the EBU Helga Schmid.

The agreement

“Six” international mediators (the five permanent UN security Council members plus Germany) and Iran in July, 2015 in Vienna, reached the final agreement on the Iranian nuclear program (INP) and issued them in a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD). The agreement aims to guarantee the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the withdrawal from Tehran of all international and unilateral sanctions.

18 October 2015, the AGREEMENT entered into force, and the parties began to implement the document steps and commitments.

SVPD involves the removal of all those in the Iran sanctions resolutions of the security Council after the IAEA’s confirmation of the fact of implementation by Tehran of its obligations under the Vienna agreement. In accordance with Tehran must comply with the requirements of the “six” (five permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany) on the heavy water reactor at Arak, Fordow and Natanz, as well as on various aspects of enrichment activities, including on centrifuges and stockpiles of enriched uranium. In addition, Iran should fully cover all outstanding issues with the IAEA, including for the former military component of the Iranian nuclear program.

The provisions of the AGREEMENT affecting the technical parameters of the restrictions the Iranian nuclear program, in particular, involve, restrictions on Iran’s enrichment of uranium for a period of eight years.

The agreement of Tehran and the “six” suggest that the implementation of the Vienna agreement should take about 10 years from the date of its entry into force. In the case of its successful implementation of the UN security Council will cease consideration of the Iranian nuclear programme for the current agenda.

The Iranians celebrated the conclusion of an agreement on nuclear программе6 photos

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