The police had to associate swearing drunk priest caught driving

Surgut police last night arrested a drunken Abbot of the local Church: he tried to bribe them, mother and actively resisted arrest.


According to the Agency “To inform”, the detention occurred at midnight, from behind the wheel stopped the car left the man “with obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication”. He “was presented by Ivan Darius – rector of the Surgut Orthodox Church” (on the diocesan website stated that Darius is a cleric in the Church in honour of St. George the victorious).

In the attempt, as the media says, first resolve the issue of money, and he refused to get into the police car, issued unconvincing screams, called the police, not hearing arguments that the police and delays.

In the end, the priest had tied his hands and legs under his swearing in address of law enforcement officers.

Now Daria faces the court not only for the abandonment of the trial, but also for resisting arrest.

Note that the leadership of the priest still does not answer the questions of the press.

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