The state Duma proposed to punish the airline for overbooking

The party “Fair Russia” has prepared a bill stipulating fines for the airlines for so-called overbooking — a system in which carriers sell tickets more than the seats in the plane.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The authors of the document suggest to fine airlines in the tenfold size from the cost of the ticket of a passenger who was unable to fly due to overbooking, or overbooking, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”.

The initiator of the bill, the Deputy Igor Ananskikh said that the practice of selling more tickets than seats on the Board, common in many Russian airlines.

According to deputies, the carriers came to the conclusion that about 7-10 percent of passengers, as a rule, are late or refuse to fly.

“Now carriers and embark on a trick: sell additional tickets to earn more money,” he said.

The result inevitably was “extra” to offer passengers to fly on the next flight, or to return the money. This, according to the MP, sometimes it breaks all the plans of people.

The representative “Fair Russia” he added that existing laws to prosecute airlines for such actions is almost impossible.

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