“The United States suspected Russia of involvement in acoustic attacks on the Embassy in Cuba

– American investigators “external acoustic impact” on the U.S. Embassy staff in Cuba, consider in particular, the version about the involvement in the case of Russia, reports AP.

The Agency, citing American officials said that the attention of investigators currently focused on how to determine who is behind such effects. Among the alleged organizers of the attacks deals with Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China, Venezuela and Russia.

However, AP notes that no evidence of the involvement of some of these countries to the incident at the Embassy at the moment.

In addition, it is still unknown what kind of impact on American diplomats involved. The U.S. state Department reported that 21 Americans were injured in the result of some external influence, the source of which, however, has not been established. Some Americans have been diagnosed with hearing loss and minor brain damage, while others complained of persistent headaches, nausea and ringing in the ears. Some victims told me that they felt the vibration and loud high-pitched sounds, whereas others are nothing of the kind was experienced.

Versions of what happened

According to some experts interviewed Agency the AP, because of the wide variety of symptoms may be the most different versions of what happened. One of them is the acoustic attack with the use of infrasound or ultrasound, which have a frequency that cannot be perceived by the human ear.

In turn, a specialist in acoustic weapons jürgen Altmann said the influence of the sound waves may not lead to brain damage or symptoms similar to a concussion, which was diagnosed in some affected.

We also study the version of the attack by electromagnetic weapons. However, according to experts, as a result of such influences, people can experience problems associated with overheating of the skin, but none of us diplomats was not diagnosed burns.

According to another version, no one deliberately tried to harm the health of U.S. diplomats in Cuba. Perhaps the scouts were just following them, using new and previously proven technologies, which caused the injury.

Meanwhile, in the AP report notes that since the incident occurred in Cuba, the investigators do not exclude that the attacks on American diplomats can stand the Cuban authorities. However, the Chairman of the Council of state of Cuba Raul Castro denied the allegations and even suggested to the FBI to come to Cuba to investigate.

According to American officials, “acoustic attack” on the American Embassy may also indicate differences in the policies of the Cuban government. Thus, according to one version, such an attack could some members of the Cuban government who oppose the Havana taken the course for rapprochement with Washington.

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