“US Ambassador to the UN said the lack of a diplomatic solution to the problem of North Korea

According to Nikki Haley, and now to resolve the situation, the Pentagon

Kim Jong-UN monitors the launch of racetype: epa/vostock-photo

– The US representative to the UN security Council Nikki Haley said that Washington had exhausted diplomatic avenues of resolving the North Korean problem.

“We wanted to be responsible and to use every diplomatic opportunity that can we could be. If that doesn’t work, General Mattis (head of the Pentagon-James Mattis if) will take care of it. We have pretty much exhausted all the available funds in the UN Security Council at the moment, ” said Haley in an interview with CNN.

She noted that “if North Korea will continue this reckless behavior, if the United States will defend itself or to defend its allies in any way, North Korea will be destroyed.”

“And we all know that none of us wants,” said Haley, noting that, in her opinion, the possibility of the UN security Council has been exhausted.

In addition, the Ambassador has denied rumors about her possible transition to the post of Secretary of state, as Rex Tillerson is not going to resign from his post.

On 11 September, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for tougher sanctions against North Korea. However, in the night of 15 September, Pyongyang launched another missile, which flew over Japanese territory.

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