Why not ashamed of the 4-th place Russian players

It took only 18 days from “good to be in the top eight” until now “sorry, I left without medals.” For the perception of the sport this is quite normal. Basketball team, over the previous 2 Championships reconciled us to despair, never goes out of the group stage, have forced itself to respect. Hardly a Sunday evening, the teams left the iconic Istanbul “Sinan Erdem” on the positive. To Spanish, even though two Gasolene in the squad, was on the doorstep — only 4 points to win in the end. But forget about the unpleasant “wooden” medals: it is not in them, and in the picture of the game shown a dozen players Sergei Bazarevich.

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Even after the draw of the Eurobasket, which after the forced refusal of Ukraine gained just 4 of the host country, the only advantage seemed to be only that in case of overcoming the notorious group to move anywhere is not necessary. Is that through the Bosphorus. But rivals on the background of previous failures plunged into despair. Perky Latvia, powerful, and award-winning Serbia, traditionally strong in front of their fans Turkey. And the Belgians still need to cope… So started under the sign of the cautious optimism voiced by the President of the Russian basketball Federation Andrei Kirilenko back in August.

On the other hand, and unless there was reason to sit in the crisis ahead and enjoy them until you’re blue? Bazarevich was lucky to Constantinople the strongest on the team, except for the injured Sergey Karasev. Five represented one of the strongest European clubs CSKA, others — “the locomotive” and “Khimki” team, hardened in endless battles with the army. The top of the structure — Timofey Mozgov, center of the NBA. Yes, agree with those who complains: the choice of staff is small. But it was a dozen healthy and played.

And this team from the start were able to persuade the staunchest pessimists. For the first time since London 2012, where was the last “bronze” of major competitions, played with gusto, in a high-speed basketball. With interchangeability, which has experienced problems not one coach on this Eurobasket… Sometimes enthusiastically “played” and took the time to “shot”, causing the IRE of Bazarevich, who insisted on the implementation of the coaching blanks; no unexplained errors are also not treated. And another — not enough teams for 4 quarters. “We were told don’t play the third. But towards the end of the tournament was that the first. Apparently, it is impossible to play well all quarter,” — said on this occasion Bazarevich.

However, who in this Eurobasket without sin? Having a group with only one misfire (from Latvia), Russia in the power of convincing the difference of points was the third, and a hopelessly waited Croatia, which sought to avoid in the 1/8 finals. But where is Latvia where is Croatia? Where and Greece. Behind. Losing to the Greeks 13 points, the Russian team gave the best match of the tournament, pushing, entered the top four, at the same time asking to move to the top of the daily news McLaren with his doping samples, and “Spartak” with “Zenith” and “reals”.

Russia could turn out to be in the final cut also inconceivable deficit in the first half to two points, from which even the over-reliance star Bogdanovich with Marjanovic fell into a short daze. Our gave the ball themselves. “Believe in yourself in time, too, need to learn,” I do not remember who of our guys said this, but very accurately. To learn how you can, there’s still time. And even a little sorry that the tournament did not serve at the same time qualify for the world Championships. In this situation Bazarevich and his team would already be there.

By the way, in Istanbul for different teams played 18 players of the League, making it the most representative along with the NBA and Spanish ACB. Of the most distinguished — Spaniard Sergio Rodriguez from CSKA, the newly made champion of Europe Slovenian MATIC of Rebets (“Yenisei”) has finally entered into the symbolic team of our man — Alexey Shved from Khimki! Soon they and the other participants of the tournament will once again converge at the site, and I hope will please our fans.

“This team fall in love with. Its a great game everyone has invested your soul. Regardless of the final result. Even if we got eliminated in the 1/8 finals, the Russian team showed a decent game. We showed that we can play great basketball with the Swede. And in the last match — and without him. It’s worth it… This is a great example how to fight. When players have no indifference, and all fighting to the end.” These are the words about the national team Andrey Kirilenko as the head of RBF, said after the match for 3rd place. Exactly 10 years ago in Madrid AK-47 and his teammates made at the site of a miracle in the final against Spain (against today’s veterans POU Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro) and took the gold. Now a miracle had been done by the Slovenians, which is deprived of the “Roxas” of the finale, and then in the final match gave the sensation against the formidable Balkan neighbors — the Serbs. Cheerfully, without looking back, and also in the layout of the “youth plus experience” in the face of the main star and future MVP of the championship Goran Dragic. Perhaps today just so and submits to the European basketball?

“Since the preparatory tournament we struggled with their own demons. And became better. If this hadn’t happened, we would never have gone so far” — sums up the chief designer of the team Bazarevich. Agree and let’s hope that all the “evil spirits” in the past. The main thing for the League and club coaches to keep the team, and half the features not yet occurred.


Match for 3rd place. Spain — Russia— 93:85 (21:13, 24:15, 21:27, 27:30).

Russian national team: Alexey Shved, Evgeny Baburin, Vitaly Fridzon (cap), Vladimir Ivlev, semen Antonov, Andrey Zubkov, Dmitry Khvostov, Timofey Mozgov, Andrei Vorontsevich, Dmitry Kulagin, Mikhail Kulagin, Nikita Kurbanov.

The final. Slovenia — Serbia— 93:85 (20:22, 36:25, 15:20, 22:18).

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